LS Library/Tech Newsletter

Saint Andrew's School, Summer 2015

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer break is a great time for children to explore the world around them; whether it is through summer programs, travel, or just playing more in their own backyard. This is also and excellent time for them to discover new books! Reading routinely throughout the summer allows children to practice all the skills they have acquired throughout the school year, and increase their confidence as readers. It also allows them the extra time to explore new types of literature.

Since our students aren’t able to visit our school library over the summer, I would like to help encourage the love of reading during this time by challenge your child to enjoy reading as many books as possible, and record their reading on a reading log. The student from each grade level who has recorded the most minutes will win a gift certificate to one of my favorite local bookstores (Hicklebee's in downtown Willow Glen). Please know that this is optional, and only intended to motivate students who might benefit from participating in this type of program.

Whether or not your child chooses to participate, you might find the following resources helpful in finding new reading material for your son or daughter. Each student has also filled out a “Summer Reading Wish List” during library class based on peer and teacher recommendations, which you will find in the packet of their returned work from library class.

I will send home a hard copy of this information on your child's last day of library. If you need to print out the reading log again, it is also available below:

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Summer Reading Resources

ALA’s 2015 Summer Reading List:

Santa Clara Library Book Lists:

Reading Rockets Book Lists By Theme

Common Sense Media’s Book Lists

2015 Kids Choice Booklist

Nonfiction Books for Kids

NCTE Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children:

“How to get kids hooked on nonfiction books this summer”

Typing Agent

Just as it is important for your child to continue practicing their reading over the summer, it is also important for them to practice their typing! The goals for typing over the summer are as follows:

First grade: Complete Unit 3

Second grade: Complete Unit 6

Third grade: Complete the entire Agent Lesson Training

Students who reach these goals will get a special ice cream treat at lunch during the first quarter of school. Students in third grade (entering fourth grade next year) who complete the entire program will receive ice cream AND a special USB drive!

Visiting Illustrator at the 2015 September Book Fair

Early next school year, during the same time as our book fair, we will also have our annual Authors Day. The visitor this year will actually be an illustrator, Ms. Sarah Klise, who works with her author sister to create the artwork for series such as 43 Old Cemetery Road, the Three-Ring Rascals, and Regarding the Fountain. Since our book fair will be early in September, I am introducing as much as I can to K-3rd grade in library class. It would make Sarah's visit much more exciting if your child is even more familiar with her books! If your child would like to read more of her books over the summer, you can find them here:

Design Thinking in Kindergarten!

For our last project in tech class, kindergarten learned about the process of creating new technology. I started by asking students why people create new things, and we all agreed that it is usually because we want to make the world a better place (in the best situations). We brainstormed a list of ideas, and KA decided on creating cars that don't pollute, and KB decided on robots that teach them how to learn new things. After doing some guided research on robots that already exist, and alternative energy cars, they were asked to create a prototype of their car/robot based of feedback from the teachers or from their peers. We used recycled materials from RAFT to create their prototypes. The following are some examples of their work!

KA's Fleat of Alternative Fuel Cars!

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KB's Robot Family!

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Summer Apps

I've listed a few of my favorite apps I think would be perfect to promote learning and creativity over the summer break. Enjoy!