Weekly Newsletter

6th Grade

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I hope you had a restful and blessed Thanksgiving break. It was much needed. The countdown to Christmas break begins... 3 weeks to go! Since we will be meeting every other week after school starting in January, I wanted to give you a few items to think about over the next few weeks:

1. Make sure you are using those critical verbs and academic vocabulary everyday.
2. Make sure you are using all levels of questioning, but really focus on higher level questioning.
3. Make sure you are teaching at the rigor OF the test... Don't teach TO the test.
4. Keep up the good work!

Interactive Word Wall Video

Please take time to watch this short video. It shows one teacher's use of an interactive word wall. It can be used in any content area. The example is from a history class. But the concept behind it is cool. It gets students up and moving, using academic vocabulary, collaborating, and thinking at a higher level (rigor). The teacher can ask questions and have students justify why they are choosing to make certain connections. Please take time to watch it!

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Give Me Some Feeback!

Tell me what you thought of the video. Click the link below and join the conversation.

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Differentiation with the Data Wall

Watch the following video on how to differentiate using the data wall:

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Update Your Data Wall

Math and ELA teachers need to update the data wall with the newest assessment data.

1. Use your student list to determine who each student is (if you need a new list, email me).
2. In one of the other corners of the sticky note, write the score from the 2nd six weeks assessment.
3. Move the sticky to the appropriate column... some may not move; some may move up; some may move down. This is okay.
4. If you had students move down, make a plan to provide intervention now instead of later. What concepts did they struggle on? Use the data to help you plan your intervention.

Lesson Plans

Please sent me your lesson plans if you did not have them at the last meeting.