Language Arts Newsletter


Time is going quickly!

Before I knew it, the month of November was over! This school year is moving very quickly with the end of the 9 weeks coming up on December 18th. Students will be taking their language arts final on Wednesday the 16th. Over the last two months students have been very busy! They've been working on their reading comprehension, writing skills, building their vocabulary, and using their creative juices in projects!


2nd period: Alissa Hamann, Chandler Rathke, Jasmine Freeman, Kayla Desper, Rachael Carlson, Jackson Hyndman, Astrid Fernandez, and Ashton Jordan.
3rd period: Katie Clark, Grace Patton, Hannah Hartman, Savanah Lagemann, Kyler Corbin, Ben Hand, Morgan Forker, and Emma Larson.
4th period: Neomi Gonzalez, Madison Pegan, Jade Hakey, Brittany Goodman, Isaac Amburgey, Rayven Harvey, Ashgaan Al Bahal, and Dakota Carter
5th period: Ross Brumbaugh, Aiva Wilson, Hanna Eidnier, Alaura Lithicum, Michael Owens, Faith Darland, Jaycee Knafel, and Hunter Evans,
6th period: Grace Ratliff, Emily Moore, Abbygail Hernandez, Evan Ferguson, Anwar Al Bakhri, Larry Miller, Zack Wolfe, and Sanad Al Fadhli.


Students finished reading, Chain Reaction, which is a non-fiction novel based on Rachel Scott (the first victim of the Columbine High School shooting). It is written by her father and it is a novel explaining to its readers the importance to be: forgiving, helpful, a leader, show mercy, and loving. Students have read specific examples of how Rachel was those things as well as ways our students can incorporate those things in to their lives, too. Students completed a 30 Day of Kindness challenge (optional) and if they completed the calendar they were allowed to put their hand on the wall in my room. This year, by far, had the most participants! Please, ask you student what they gained from the novel.

We will begin reading, The Outsiders when we return from break.


We've been muddling through many types of writings this year. We've worked on argumentative, informative, and narrative. Students this week and next will be working on publishing and creating a great argumentative piece.


This 9 weeks has truly been phenomenal with students turning in their language arts work. I have been blown away by the students' abilities to get their work done (after a rough start to the school year :) ). We're doing a vocabulary challenge and it's getting close to the end and the race is very tight to see which class has the most turned in vocabulary assignments. The winning class gets a pizza party!