Thank you!

FundFest 2015

You are amazing!

Together we raised OVER $5,000 at FundFest 2015: A feminist party to defend and refund Planned Parenthood! Folks, we more than DOUBLED our goal. DOUBLED, I SAY!

Over 100 friends danced to 60's girl bands, took their chances in a raffle, bid in a silent cake auction, pinned IUDs on Mitch McConnell's head, took silly pictures, painted their faces, drank craft beer, watched Dirty Dancing, and of course, raised a TON of cash for women's health. Check out the Facebook event for pics of the fundraising madness.

We'd like to send a huge THANK YOU to those who came to play and to those who couldn't make it but donated anyways. You are truly amazing!

We felt the love. Planned Parenthood felt the love. Thank you.

-The FundFest organizing team

(Claire Fromme, Dani Hans, Klair Hans, Sara Johnson, Sarah Williams, Laurel Winter)

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PS- Still have love to share?

Our donation page will remain open indefinitely! Tell your friends and family who couldn't make it, or just visit it whenever you feel like smashing a little patriarchy ;)