Kindgom of Lesotho

Culture of Kindgom of Lesotho

The People

They speak both English and Sesotho. The main religon there is Christian. The people are called Basotho or for a single person they are called Masotho. They dress in western-style clothing. They ofthen cover their clothes with a desigined blanket made out of wool.
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To greet people they shake hands. When they enter a room they always knock first even if the door is open. They try to eat three meals a day but it's not always possible. When they pass an item they either use their right hand or both hands.
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Life Style

Their house is bulit of stone and sticks. Adult children usually live with their parents till married and sometimes afterwards. They eat the same thing at lunch and dinner. Their evening meal is around 7 PM everyday. Soccer is a popular game there. The legal working age there is 12.
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Lesotho is divided into 10 districs. Traffic moves on the left side of the road. Mosted roads are unpaved. There are more girls enrolled in school them boys. The Distance Teaching Centre provides teaching to people who didn't go to school.
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