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November 2015

Welcome To Miss K's Dance Bungalow

Welcome to the 5th Season Of MKDB! You should be proud of yourself and your children! The Times Of Bungalow will render the latest MKDB news, tips for parents and performers, shout outs and more!

The First Miss K's Elite

I have had a Miss K's Elite since about 2004. After ten years of running Inspirational Dance Ministries, Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Gary L. Hinkle, I realized there were a group of children in the ministry that wanted more. They wanted to rehearse more, they wanted to learn more, they would stay at rehearsal from sun up to sun down-literally. Plus, their parents did not mind. Their parents would just say to call them whenever I was done and then would even drop off a snack or a even a meal.

Elite dancers are to be leaders. This is a video of an Elite performance in 2008. I love the climax of the spirit in this piece God gave me. When I left Fort Smith in 2006, on the highway, I choreographed this piece.

In June of 2008, I went home to visit ,after 2 years, and Elite was ready to dance. I told them I had choreographed Set The Atmosphere, two years prior, they learned it in one day, and ministered the next day.

From that point on, I have held higher expectations from any of my Elite dancers. They not only have to do more, perform better, but they must truly be leaders of the message and the mission of each performance/ministry.

Set The Atmosphere- "MISS K" Choreographer- Type: Praise Dance

Dance Mom ShoutOuts

MKDB Season 5 First Photoshoot

Fort Smith Arkansas
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The C and C Dance Factory

Hello MKDB!

This is Chrysta and Candyce! We have some very important information for you about the cleaning process of dances with Miss K.

Hey Guys This Is Candyce!

What needs the most work is the Indian step and the Wop, the pas de bourree after the turns into the leap, and the African section in part 2, and then just keeping our energy and stamina up the whole time. I think to get a head start we need to start practicing without a mirror so that we know we have the memory down without hesitation, and then also watching videos of pop locking like Miss K said will help us get into the feel of that era more.

Hey MKDB and Again Welcome MKDB FORT SMITH,

Cleaning with Miss K is a very important part of every dance. During this time we need to make sure all ears and eyes are focusing on what Miss K says and does. If she says do something, do it right away. You don't wanna be the person that keeps messing up, because that means as a team we messed up. There fore we will have to start from the beginning. The cleaning process is only as hard as we make it. If we listen to directions the first time that they're given that will eliminate a lot of problems. As much as we think it's stressful for us, it's 10 times more stressful for Miss K. This is her name on the line & we need to represent it well. We got this you guys. Yes, we can get frustrated with ourselves and each other at times but in the end it's all gonna be worth it! #LetsGoBungalow

Below are my detailed notes for you:

Part 1: hit, clean, crisp pop locks at the beginning. Grapevine remember to add your own style. For the snake make sure you pop it. Go over indian step all the time, because it's very tricky. Cross out should be nice and hard. The snaps at the end should be just as powerful as the rest of the dance, because we just ended part 1.

Part 2: jazz walk should have personality and sass. When we hit the creep get into it. As we go back with the pumps make sure we have boxed out arms, nice and tight. This is another tricky part, the chaine turn into the pique with the jump. Constantly work on this part, it's very easy to trip over your self. The African moves should be hit hard with lots of energy. We need to be sure to not let the energy over come us and we become sloppy.

Part 3: THIS IS THE END!! We have to make sure we keep up our energy. In the clump make sure to stay on the counts Miss K gave us. In the Kick ball change, arms are tight by your side. Next your arms are up in a box, make sure you have jazz hands and that you don't drop that right foot. Remember that we only turn half way then back around. For the walking foward part, right arm goes up first while the left is tight by your side. Alternate, down down up up. Girls when we turn to the back we need to make sure backs are straight, we're low and that our butts go from left to right. When transitioning to the line we need to cheer loud, we can't let it die down. In the line remember which way you go (either left or right). Remember for the pumps that your hands shouldn't be in front of you at the same time. Now transitioning to the circle, we need to cheer and keep the energy up. Again, remember which way you go in the circle. Don't forget the right left push push after the last Roger Rabbit. We have another transition right here.We're almost their guys! Which ever part you're doing when you get to your spot, hit it hard. The run, should be tight and army like. We point with our right hand when we go back.

We got this guys. We've been working really hard and we need to keep it up. We're so blessed to be given this opportunity, and we owe it all to Miss K. Let's make Miss K happy, make ourselves & each other happy, and last but not least the crowd happy. We got this! I love you guys! #LetsGoBungalow


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Bungalow Beauty Of The Month- INDIA

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India is the November Bungalow Beauty Of The Month! India is the first to share, the first to like, the first to comment , the first to give, the first to smile, the first to be a helping hand!

India is also growing as a dancer. Her focus in class has improved. She listens. She is supportive of her dance brothers and sisters. India's heart is one of the main reasons why she is in MKDB. For she has a passion to help the community.

India has a huge heart for the homeless. She sets up her own days in which she feeds the those in need. Her community service is not for show nor does she want a pat on the back , she genuinely wants and loves to give to those less fortunate. It is amazing to see a young lady be so thoughtful of others!

Great Job India- Season Fives- Bungalow Beauty Of The Month.

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The Bungalow Beast Of The Month- Daivon

Our Boys are straight Beastin' this season! Strong movements, leading the class, protecting their sisters and being gentlemen!

This month, Daivon of MKDB FORT SMITH, known as BIG BROTHER is the Bungalow Beast Of The Month! He is a natural born leader. Daivon has been dancing under Miss K since he was six years old! He leads on the football field, he leads in his church, he leads in his community, and now he is being a leader in MKDB FORT SMITH!

He is the face of MKDB FORT SMITH, but not only that he is leading in learning choreography! Daivon has shown his little sisters that he is the perfect example of performing as if you are already on that court! Every single time the dance is ran, he goes full out!

Daivon! Congrats! And To Dance Mom Neica, you have raised an awesome gentleman, thank you!

Dance Parent Tips - How To Prepare For A Show or Performance

Garment Bags - Put all costumes and their accessories into garment bags -- one costume per bag. This keeps the costumes clean and everything organized and together. Put your accessory bag inside the garment bag.

Drinks - Keeping dancers hydrated is important, but try to stick with bottled water or light colored juice in a box (no glasses). Colored fruit juices and dance costumes DO NOT go together!

Extra Everything - Performance weekend is not the time to get anything without a backup.You must have everything from your supply list. Plus:

  • Baby wipes/Shout wipes (to fix makeup mistakes or dirty hands);

  • Baby powder (for itchy costumes);

  • Safety pins (for emergency costume repairs);

  • Clear nail Polish (to repair minor holes/runs in tights when there isn't time to change them);

  • Tylenol, Advil, Motrin or your pain reliever of choice;

  • Extra contact lenses (because the show can't be stopped to search the stage for one);

  • Band-Aids (the "invisible" kind -- stage is not the place for Sponge Bob Band-Aids).

Family and Friends - Family members and friends don't belong backstage or in the dressing rooms during rehearsals or the recital. The same applies during intermission and after the show. There is a lot of backstage activity in a limited space, and dressing rooms are a private area. Remind your family and guests to be respectful of these areas. If they wish to greet a performer after the show or present flowers, they should do so in the lobby areas or any special area designated by your director. Moms are not even allowed unless directed.

Label Everything - Put your child's name on everything. These are busy days and it is easy to lose a piece to a costume, shoes, accessories, etc. Of course, use care not to ruin costumes in the process, and be sure to write in inconspicuous places.

Makeup - Use the makeup that you are directed by your company to use. Makeup is as important to the look as the costume. You wouldn't send your child onto the stage wearing a different costume than everyone else just because you think a certain color looks better than the chosen costume. Why do it with makeup? Everyone must strive to look as identical as possible -- costume, makeup and hair.

Nail Polish - Your studio will have its own policy, but, in general, colored nail polish shouldn't be worn during recital. You may think those bright red nails look great, but to the greatest extent possible, everyone should look alike. A French manicure is generally acceptable since it enhances the natural look of nails.

Patience - Bring plenty of patience.You will need every ounce of it.

Don't be that complaining parent, you will ruin the next opportunity for your child.

Planning - Performance Day isn't an "on that day" activity. Pull together all of your costumes, accessories, shoes and makeup several days in advance to give you a little cushion in case something isn't exactly right. Make a check list :, listing their costume, color tights, shoes, and any accessories. Make sure you have all your supplies before arriving at the performance location. The checklist helps when leaving to ensure that you have everything.

Shoes - Give dance shoes a little extra attention before the recital to make sure they look nice, but check with your studio for guidance before using any polishes or cleaners on them.

Snacks - The best snacks during rehearsal week are neat snacks such as fruit rollups, goldfish crackers, grapes and Lunchables. Don't pack anything messy.

Timing - Be sure to arrive at the rehearsals and the performance call time -the time when you're instructed to do so. You will need all the time that your studio directors says you will, and the show will start whether you are ready or not.

Video Taping - This is a parent-to-parent appeal... Please instruct your family and friends to leave their video cameras at home on performance day. Aside from the quality difference,video taping a show is rude and inconsiderate of those around you in the auditorium. Plus you are not respecting the copyright laws of the choreographers work.

Watching the Show - If you are the class mother with backstage responsibility, you can often watch your child's dance from the stage wings. If you are not the class mother you shouldn't add to the backstage congestion. Stay in your seat and be considerate of those around you. Don't hop up and run out after your child performs. That's really an insult to the children who are performing next.

Zzzzzz - A pillow and blanket can come in handy backstage during rehearsals and the show/performance days, if your child wants to lay down for a little bit. Plus, the blanket keeps their costume clean when they are sitting on the floor playing.

*From Dance All About

MKDB Paparazzi!


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FRESNO-A Taste Of Christmas and Classics

Saturday, Dec. 19th, 12pm

Step 2 Dance Studio


Fresno, I am so excited about MKDB's Season 5 Christmas Show! Please Save The Date and prepare for a wonderful time! This season, I have produced an amazing show: A Taste Of Christmas and Classics!

You will be tasting 12 different dishes and sweets by Chef Jazz while MKDB will be dancing and singing to the classics of Christmas.

12:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

$15.00 Per Person/ Advance Tickets Only


Blow The Whistle It's Official!

You know it is official when you got a TShirt...

MKDB FORT SMITH celebrated on Sunday, November 29, 2015! MKDB FORT SMITH is official! They were their TShirts, worshiped together at Saint James Missionary Baptist Church and then went out to eat for some Bungalow Bonding Time!

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Elite Performs For Hundreds Of African American High School Students

On Friday, November 13, 2015, Miss K's Elite performs at Fresno State University for hundreds of high school students. The High School students were attending a conference that provided information on furthering their education.

Elite dancers, Chrysta, Candyce, Rochie, Malik and Charae, along with company member Ashy, represented MKDB with excellence! Performing a piece that was about a tribe who have different tasks but working towards the same goal.

Shout out to Ashy for receiving an Elite invite as a first season company member! She and her mother sacrificed their Sunday to attend an Elite rehearsal so that Ashy could have more time to work on her technique! The entire company was given the opportunity to attend an additional rehearsal, and Ashy showed up!

Because of her dedication she was allowed to learn the choreography and audition to perform with Elite, not only did she make it, but her performance was flawless!

Great Job Miss K's Elite!


To Miss K Love Notes

Dear Miss K,

When I first met you, you spoke to our charm class at Union Baptist, then your spring break dance camp and you had that long talk with me (we won't bring that up) lol I remember when we first talked about getting MKDB Fort Smith started and now I finally get the chance to dance with/for you. Thank you for giving me this chance!!! I love you!! ‪#‎MKDB‬ ‪#‎FortSmith‬‪#‎WeTakingOva‬ ‪#‎iLoveToDance‬ ‪#‎DanceIsLife‬


Crystal- CeCe