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Direct Marketing Skeptic's or Nay sayers! Answering those common concerns.

1. I'm not a salesperson.

My response: That's great, neither am I. This isn't a sales business anyway, it's a people business and if you generally like people then you can do this. Most of my career has been in customer service, it's what I know and love. I truly enjoy talking with people and meeting new people and helping them. If you too like helping others, than you can totally do this business. This business is about looking for people who are looking for what you have to offer. That means my job is to connect with people to see if I have something that would help them or a family or friend. So really I just connect, share and educate people on how my products can help them or someone they love. Myself and my team teach people how to use a product that is guaranteed to effectively treat their skin or we teach them how to grow a business of their own that can be incredibly lucrative and personally rewarding in countless ways.

2.I don't have enough time.

I know how you feel, there truly isn't enough hours in a day for us busy moms. So many of us feel like we are running the rat race, with such little time for anything else. But honestly, that's why so many consultants are starting their own business- they are working for more time freedom. And what I'm noticing is that busy people are typically successful people- they know how to get things done on limited time. This business requires you to carve out time literally with in the nooks and crannies of your day-15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at lunch, a conversation on the commute home, or maybe a few minutes after kids are in bed, etc. Your entire business is downloaded to your cell phone or laptop and you can do it from wherever your at. It's virtual business!! No delivering orders, no collecting money and no parties....who's got time for all that.

3. I can't afford it right now.

Well, I say to those responses, then all the more reason for you to have your own business, to be motivated to earn residual income ( residual income is like when a song writer, writes a song and sells it and every time it's played on the radio or downloaded to iTunes account then he/she is earning residual income from that song). Fortunately, R+F compensation and training is set up to give you a full return on your investment in the first 30-60 days. If you will commit to being coachable, I can help you do that. Right now and for a limited time only, the company has offered a way for you to earn kit or investment back for free. I'd be happy to tell you more if your interested..

4. Is this a pyramid scheme?

Absolutely not, that is illegal and I do not partake in illegal activities. The definition of pyramid scheme is, an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment for services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Rodan + Fields is a company that sells a consumable product to the public as well as offers the public an opportunity to partner with a loyal and growing company.

I value integrity, honesty and fairness, I would never be a part of anything remotely close to that. I understand that this phrase gets thrown around a lot by people who typically don't understand direct sales and the business model, but I can assure you that R+F is apart of the Direct Selling Association and won numerous DSA awards, one being the Rising Star award, which is the highest award in the industry. R+F is also the 4th largest among top U.S. premium skincare brands and have been featured in just about all the beauty magazines, our cosmetic tools have been on Ellen Show, The Today's Show a few times, and just recently the Doctor's featured our macro exfoliator tool. We are not in anyway scheming anybody but in fact are a $4 billion and growing skincare brand.

5. Is there a quota to meet?

No. We do not have quotas. You can sell zero product and still be and R+F consultant. That said, we consultants are rewarded with increased commissions once we hit a certain number in sales each month. So you will always be paid if you are selling products and you earn residual income when you build your business.

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