Chinese Schools of Thought

by Briana Litthilao


Confucius was all about respect. He taught about five relationships to maintain well:

1) Father to Son

2) Elder Brother to Younger Brother

3) Husband to Wife

4) Ruler to Subject

5) Friend to Friend


Founded by Han Feizi, Legalism is a very strict type of government. He believed that the true nature of humanity was evil, and required strict laws enforced by punishments. This type of government definitely did not support freedom!

"Greed is the cause of most conflicts."


Taoism is sort of a more laid back form of government. They are known to be like water, yielding to its surroundings but still powerful. They believed in governing the least, and that people should live in harmony with nature.

"Harmony comes from balancing opposite forces of yin and yang"


With Buddhism, religion pretty much ran the place. They followed a caste system, and once you were born into a caste, that was it. You needed good Karma and to follow your Dharma to be born into a better caste.

Caste System:

Brahmins (Priests)

Kshatriyas (Warriors and Rulers)

Vaisyas (Artisans, Merchants, Minor officials)

Sudras (Peasants, Unskilled workers)

The Dalit (Untouchables, Outcastes, Children of God)