Curriculum Newsletter

Flushing Community Schools February 2014

District Improvement - What Do You Know?

As you know, each building has a School Improvement Plan and as a district, we have a comprehensive plan.  The process involves collecting and reviewing data (such as demographics, stakeholder surveys, student performance, self-assessment) or GATHER.  Analyze the data, set goals, research best practices or STUDY.  Use the information to develop the PLAN.  Finally, you must implement and monitor the plan or DO.  This cycle of Gather - Study - Plan - Do is a continuous cycle.  It takes everyone for this to be successful.  Each building has representatives on the District Improvement Team.  They meet on a regular basis for a day packed with information.  As a part of their role, they are responsible for communicating information to all of you.  A special thank you for their commitment to the work of improving our district. Here is a list of the team members: Amanda Lang, Tina Shilling,  Rob Steinhaus, Alyssa Fotenakes, Heidi Donaldson, Theresa Miles, Kelly Twohig, Matt Daniel, John Hagens, Jr., Gina Hodgins, Jennifer Mason, Andy Rishmawi, Jason Melynchek, Marty Barta, Deb Goldstein, Paul Brieger, Jill Mitchell, Steve Groulx, Julie Rice, Andy Schmidt, Craig Pfenninger, Shelly Barbour, Kristy Mignerey, Joe Reinfelder, Lynette Commet, Lindy Beckman, Melissa Killingbeck, Kim Ostrander (Parent), John Olson (Board Member), Jim Wood (Community Member), Michele Blair, Tim Stein,  Paul Robinson,  Kasey Cronin.


All successful organizations have an established vision.  Success is the result of the shared vision in which every employee strives to meet the same goal.  Do you know the mission and vision of Flushing Community Schools?  Being able to recall or memorize the vision is not the important piece.  Being able to express the mission and vision in terms of your job is what matters.  The ultimate mission and vision is that all students will learn.   That is why we exist!  Spend time reviewing our Mission/Vision and reflect on how your actions impact the success of students!  Wear your Raider colors with pride.   We are all on the same team working toward the same goal of "Preparing Learners Today for Opportunities Tomorrow".

Teaching Resources - Check these websites out!

Great teacher resources  such as videos, lesson plans, etc... that can be filterd for content and/or standards.     Also, by digging deeper you will find free websites for students to use with iPads or computers.Give it a try and let others know when you find an excellent resource!

Are you still riding the Energy Bus?

"Perhaps it‘s because there is an abundance of new research that shows that positive people, positive communication, positive interactions, and positive work and team cultures produce positive results. "                            Jon Gordon