your vacation paradise by Matt Logan

it is the perfect place for two and only $500000 a year per person

mars has the newest hotel the master martian with 15 suites and 96 levels this is the place for relaxing for only 500000 a year.The hotel also includes adjustable Jacuzzi and 123 pools 15 infinite pools and the rest regular

mars facts

1.With mars two moons it is an awesome place for a vacation.2.With mars cool temperature at -87 to -5 degrees you will get you moneys worth.3.Since there is hardly no water it will be hard to live and grow food so would definitely bring food.4.Earth is bigger than mars so this vacation is not for the populations on earth.5.Mars is home to the biggest mountain in the solar system so if you want to go rock climbing you can.6.There has been 40 missions to mars but only 18 successful,but with new technology we figured out how to get there safe and happy.7.With the new building designs we can be safe from the worst dust storms in the solar system.8.On earth the sun appears 2 times as big as on mars so it wont have as good of a sunset.9.Mars has a diameter 4,220 miles .The time it takes for a day is only 19 minutes shorter so you don't have to worry about that.

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What types of clothing would humans have to wear to survive?

Since the temperature is in the negatives you would have to wear lots of warm clothes and maybe a bathing suit for swimming.

What is the planet's temperature?

the normal temperature on mars is between -87 to -5 degrees Celsius.

Which planet are you choosing to advertise?

We chose mars because it is fairly close to earth.

What activities could humans be involved in while visiting the planet?

Since mars has the highest mountain in the solar system you could go rock climbing.You could also go rock hunting for rare rocks.Or you could go swimming.