The Southern Cassowary


Cassowaries are native to Australia and are the 2nd largest flightless bird.Cassowaries are vulnerable.The scientific name of the cassowary is casuarius.

Physical features/Appearance

Cassowaries can run up to 50 kilometres per hour.The lenght of a cassowary can be up to 1.5-2 metres.The cassowary weighs up to 60-70 kilograms.Cassowaries have 2 red wattles,black feathers and a big casque.The cassowary's wingspam can be up to 2 metres.Cassowaries also have a blue face.
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Cassowaries live in rainforest near Northern Australia,New Guinea and surrounding islands.Most cassowaries live in Queensland near water supply.


Cassowaries are herbivores and mostly eat fruit.The cassowary will also consume vegetation,insects and fungi.

Reproduction/Interesting Facts

The incubation of a baby cassowary takes 50 days for the eggs to hatch.The number of eggs a cassowary can lay is 2-6.