Anah Reeves

Coral Reef Ocean Biome

Coral Reef Food Web

On this food web producers are at the bottom. The phytoplankton, giant kelp, and Cyanobacteria are all producers. Next are the 1st level consumers, zooplankton, dugong, manta ray, and the short spined urchin are all 1st level consumers. 2nd level consumers are the pink anemone fish, 11-armed star, and the whale shark. Lastly, the tertiary consumers are the blue-ringed octopus, the moray eel, and the tiger shark. The decomposers are the banded coral shrimp and the mud crab.
Humans impact the environment in many different ways, some are good and some are bad. Several positive ways a humans impact the environment are protecting certain species in the area, cleaning the waterways, and finding renewable energy sources. There are also negative impacts like pollution, removing trees, and using fertilizer.