Teaching Creationism in Schools

Creationism should not be in school.

Creationism should not be taught in schools

Religious freedom is apart of the American dream. Religions should not be taught with friends.

Teaching creationism can bring a handful of negative effects

  • forces religions on peope
  • people may be oppressed into other religions
  • conflicts with religious freedom

Its not ethical to teach creationism in schools

  • can't just tell people to teach things they don't believe in
  • creationism is not proven
  • no scientific evidence

But won't it spread faith to millions of people

  • Yes it will, however it forces many people forced to learn about religions they are not interested in.
Ken Miller on creationism in schools

Deny creationism, support the constitution.

I do believe that religion and creationism is a good thing but until it can be confirmed 100% keep it out of schools.