Tech Tip Tuesday

Posters & Edutopia

Making that Hand-Out Poster Size

Did you create this so awesome handout for your kids that is going to be the whole reason they are successful for the unit, and you wish you had it poster size for easy referencing in class? It's actually super simple. Check out the video below for a visual.


1.Save the document as a PDF. (When you go to print instead of picking follow-you, select CutePDF)

2. Open the saved PDF (save it some where easy to find, it will probably end up in your documents if you don't specify where you save it)

3. Go to File Print document

4. Select Poster Size (adjust the % and overlap to your desired size)

5. Make sure you are on Follow-you printer, and print normally

6. When you go to the printer you will have to tape together the pieces of paper.



I am not super familiar with this website but have heard of it, and it was requested at PD. The website itself it pretty straight forward. I did a simple search on classroom management and a bunch of articles and VIDEOS came up.

This is also a good website just to type topics that you are teaching to see if anything comes up, I did a simple search on Valentine's Day and a few videos came up. It's a quick search and maybe nothing comes up but if you don't search you'll never know.

I think that if you are struggling in your classroom, I would go to the rubric see what area you think you could use improvement on and then do a search from there. I will try to add one of these each week based on my own classroom issues. Please let myself or one of the other lead teachers know if you are struggling and maybe we can help you identify an indicator for you to check out.

Edutopia Article: 17 Ways to Help students with ADHD Concentrate

This articles is a short read and gives 17 tips/suggestions to help with fidgeting kids. Some suggestions are a little out there, but a few are pretty useful. Like velco under the students desk to give them something to touch....that is not gum.

Extension: Bookmark Manager

I am not a huge bookmarker, but from seeing some of your computers we have some chronic bookmarking people in the building. This is the extension for you, it allows you to categorize your bookmarks. This extension allows you to build folders for your bookmarks. Maybe you teach math and you have a folder for each domain, or maybe you teach science and you have a folder for each topic.