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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

December 14, 2015

Rigor is ensuring that each student you teach is provided the opportunity to grow in ways they cannot imagine.-Barbara Blackburn

Commit to Excellence

This is a difficult time of year for some of our kiddos. Many kids do not look forward to the break. At school they receive love, food and feel safe. This may not be the case at home. Some of our kids act out as we get closer to breaks, as they do not have the emotional skills to verbalize how they are feeling. Please be extra patient, give extra hugs and spend extra time working on the relationships.

Hoping that this last week before the break is your very best! Make those minutes count. Love those kids as you never know what the 2 weeks away from you will be like. Fill them up to last them through the break!

Believe in yourselves! Believe in your kids! I believe in you!


Thank you to teachers for providing wonderful tools for parents to use at home with their children. Thank you to our paras for providing childcare during our Parent Prep Academy. It is only successful because of all of you and your dedication to our kids!

Thank you to Ms. R for promoting the hour of code and giving teachers the confidence to do this in their classrooms. We had several teachers participating. What a great article in the paper and on the news. Henderson really shined during this event!

Mrs. Greenlee out did herself again! Thank you for a wonderful Christmas program and for preparing our Henderson Harmonics for performances at the food drive and Hudson Creek. I am looking forward to them performing at the administrator's meeting this week.

Mrs. Christy did a great job with her art show. Parents and students were very impressed with the art projects that third graders have already completed!

Thank you to Mrs. Marak for organizing our angel tree to provide Christmas presents for our neediest kids!

I know many of you picked up tags from the angel tree. You have such big hearts. Thank you for this "extra" act of kindness and generosity. You have no idea the impact that you make each day on these little lives!

We have some wonderful elves around the building who are covering lunches for teachers and staff. Thank you for your willingness to give them this "gift of time"!

Lock Down Drill

We will have an unannounced drill in the spring. Please remember to...

Keep classroom doors locked.

Hide students away from view.

Turn lights out and close blinds

Be ready to fight

Barricade your door (desks chairs shelves in front or tie)

Peer Mediation

Please push peer mediation. We have trained students and staff to handle conflicts that are not being resolved through your efforts. Please contact Mrs. Rhodes if you need more information or would like to schedule one.


  • Please let the front office know if your Friday party will be a different time than 2:30. Barbie will place sign out sheets in your boxes for parents to sign children out from the classroom.
  • Rigor article should be read and responded to by January 3rd. (teaching staff) Loving your insights to those who have already responded!
  • All food should be taken home over the break. Please have kids pick up after the party, through trash away, etc.
  • Computers and iPads should be updated, powered down and returned to the proper carts and locked away before the break.
  • Don't forget that Fridays are school spirit days. Therefore, only BISD/Henderson t-shirts are worn if you decide to wear jeans.
  • Secret Santa is up and running!! Please don't forget your secret santa with little surprises! This is a fun way to end the semester.
  • Our next try at 100% attendance will be Polar Express Day which will be December 18th. Students will pay $1 to go towards Relay for Life and be permitted to wear PJs. Staff is welcome to join in! If we have 100%, students will receive extra recess on the Tuesday we come back to school in January.
  • Focused Finish each Tuesday at the end of the day!
  • Paraprofessionals will be working on permanent records on January 4th with Mrs. Navarro and Mrs. Lopez.

Mark Your Calendar!


14-Christmas tree theme

15-Gingerbread theme

16-Jingle bells theme

17-Candy cane theme

Chick fil A spirit night 5-8

18-PJ Day with a $1 donation to Relay for Life

HR Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Module to be completed

21-3rd Christmas Break


4th Staff Development Day - this is not designated a work day so please plan accordingly

(Plans due for week of the 11th) All paraprofessionals will help with permanent records.

5th Students first day back

6th Faculty Meeting

8th Awards

12 HIP Meeting

PTO Meeting

13 Faculty Meeting

14th Freddy's Profit Share

15 Spelling Bee

20 Faculty Meeting

22 National Reading Day

27 Faculty Meeting

30 Erin's Lanyards (KKids)

Congratulations to Ixchel Saenz, December Teacher of the Month!

Ixchel received the honor of Teacher of the Month for the entire district. We are so proud of her! She will be recognized at the board meeting Monday night.