Cougar Call

Volume 3, Issue 2

Lady Cougars win Region!

On Tuesday, September 13th, the Lady Cougars faced off against Flint River with Maddie Morton pulling in the W on the mound in a 10-0 game. Morton pitched the complete game and gave up only one hit. Offensively for the Cougars, Neely Bradford and Cassidy Cook both hit home runs and were backed up by the entire team hitting.

On Thursday the 15th, the Cougars faced off against LaGrange here at home, and Neely Bradford brought the W in giving up only one hit in the 15-1 Win. The Cougars played Gatewood on Monday the 19th, and won 4-1. Offensively for the Lady Cougars, Madison Johnston hit a HR making the score 1-0. The Cougars scored their other three runs using speed to steal bases in the fourth inning. Defensively, Mackenzie Rogers got the W for the Cougars and gave up only two hits in the complete game.

On 9/20, the Cougars played in the Region Championship here at home against Flint River. Maddie Morton pitched the complete game in the 7-1 victory. Morton gave up only four hits. Offensively for the Cougars, Madison Burnham hit a two-run single in the bottom of the sixth to put the Cougars up 6-1. Haley Ann Frank went 2-3 in the box and Madison Johnston went 3-4 with an RBI.

Next Wednesday, the Ladies face off against Gatewood here at home at 6:00. Head Coach Daniel Funt said, “I’m proud of the girls for another region championship. We will be the number one seed going into the play-offs with a first round by. We will host the second round of the play-offs in the Elite Eight. I’m really happy of how the girls did this season, especially in the second half since we are on a 10 game winning streak.”

By: Joseph Anderson

On the Road to Consonants!

Piedmont Academy’s K4 class is beginning their journey through the alphabet using the Abeka curriculum which focuses reading through phonics. This week they learned their first consonant, the letter “T.” The students have learned the sound of letter “T” and how to write the letter. They thoroughly enjoyed making the letter “T” like a tiger for their art project. Mrs. Julie Tucker and Mrs. Renee Tillman are the two teachers for the students.

By: Judy Nelson

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The Explanation of the English Language’s Newest and Most Important Character: Squelf

What is the hardest language to learn? Most people would probably say Cantonese or Russian, but according to numerous polls and interviews such as the one from Newscientist, most people in the world think that American English is the hardest secondary language to learn. This is because there are so many rules in the language that associate primarily with the Latin language spoken in ancient Italy and Rome. However, we cannot use these rules a majority of the time since contemporary English is so different from Latin.

One of the biggest confusions about the language relates to the writing of it such as silent letters. There are so many of them within the English language. Knife, yacht, gnaw, and knee are all examples of the confusing silent letters. Recently a new English character has been introduced by Piedmont Academy’s own Savannah Mote and Nick Maynard. This new character is called “Squelf.” A squelf is used to indicate when a letter is silent and should not be pronounced when speaking. A squelf is placed above a letter that is supposed to be silent. So for instance, in the word knife, the letter “k” would have a squelf over it. Most native English speakers will already know most silent letters, so the squelf is intended to help those learning English as a second language rather than their first. Most students in Piedmont agree with the addition to the language. The student body with soon start to vehemently assail the population to adopt its purpose into the national curriculum.

By: Nick Maynard and Savannah Mote

Piedmont’s “Loco Hoco” Week

September 7th through the 10th was the best week of the year! Students showed their school spirit by dressing up in fun costumes and anxiously awaiting the announcement of Homecoming Court and the big dance. Each day of the week had a specific theme where students could dig in their closets to show their excitement. The themes were as follows:

Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Pajama Day

Wednesday: College Day

Thursday: Hawaiian/ Decade Day

Friday: Extreme Spirit Day

Although the football team lost Friday night, Bailyn Whitaker and Ashley Johnston took home the wins of the night. All the girls on homecoming court looked stunning in their dresses. Representative Grayson Bradley said, “It was such an honor to represent my class and walk across the field with my dad!” The representatives were as follows:

9th: Mallory Boyd, Morgan Whitley

10th: Sydney Davis, Maddie Morton

11th: Grayson Bradley, Emma Kate Edmonds

12th: Grace Roberts, Ashley Johnston (Miss Cougar), Bailyn Whitaker (Homecoming Queen)

By: Ivy English

Elementary Football

The elementary football team has had a great year so far! Their games have been taking place since August 23rd. The players are as follows:

Third grade: 1, Gavin McCart; 4, Hunter Thomson; 21, Matt Allen; 42, Samuel Clark; 58, Andrew Cumbie; 65, Gabe Moore.

Fourth grade: 3, Hudson Reed; 34, Daniel Harris; 99, Jake Pope.

Fifth grade: 12, Chase Hadaway; 44, Rhett Harris; 50, Ridge Stroud; 60, Jake Vaughn; 76, Sean Davis; 84, Rep Morton.

Sixth grade: 9, Mason Owens; 25, Drew Maddox; 54, Dalton Wallace; 64, Russ Hagwood; 72, Joe Clark; 90, George Russell.

Coaching staff: Head coach: Mark Allen. Assistant coaches: Jeff Clark, Andy Maddox, Mike McCart, Jeff Morton, Justin Owens, and Dickey Thompson.

The season started off great with a 37-8 win against Flint River at Cougar Field. Next, the football players beat their rivals, Gatewood. The victory was 28-6 and was hosted at the Gator’s field. The next time the elementary Cougars faced Gatewood, it was also at the Gator’s field in Eatonton, and unfortunately, the Cougars lost 48-28. These are just a few highlights of the Elementary Cougar’s football season so far. Hopefully the elementary Cougars will pull through the rest of their season with many victories.

By: Kelsey Leach

Clay Crushing Cougars

On Saturday, September the 10th, the Piedmont Shotgun team had its first meet at Old Hudson Plantation in Sparta. The shooters each shot 100 sporting clays and 50 skeet. Mitch Marsh shot high overall for the team and placed 5th overall at the competition. Marsh hit 46 skeet and 84 trap for a combined total of 130. Zach Sanders shot second high overall for the team hitting 40 skeet and 79 sporting clays for a combined total of 119. Eli Waits shot 3rd high overall for the team hitting 42 skeet and 72 sporting clays for a combined total of 114.

Our Clay Crushing Cougar Shotgun Team had its second competition shoot this past Saturday at Ocmulgee River Gun Club in Macon. 10 schools competed (121 shooters). We finished in 5th place scoring a 378 overall. The highest overall shooter for our team was Eli Waits in 11th place with a score of 127. Second was Mitch Marsh with 126 and 3rd was Joseph Anderson with 125. In the skeet competition, Joseph Anderson finished 4th out of 121 shooters with a score of 49. Mitch Marsh had 47 and Zach Sanders made 44. In sporting clays, Eli Waits and Zach Sanders scored 80, putting them in 13th place. Mitch Marsh scored 79 and Joseph Anderson 76. Anne Marie Hildebrant was the second highest female shooter with a score of 116. Our Cougars will compete again on Saturday, Oct. 1st @ Ocmulgee River Gun Club. Head Coach for our Shooting team is Mr. Brian Marsh, assisted by Mr. Tim Chapko, Ms. Alison Hildebrant, and Ms. Stacy Waits.

By: Joseph Anderson

Senior Mascots

As a Piedmont tradition, the senior class nominates one girl and one boy from the first grade to be the Piedmont Mascots. This year, Aubrey Kitchens and Adam Brimberry were selected by the Class of 2017. For Homecoming, Aubrey and Adam had to dress in their best formal wear and join the homecoming court on the football field during half-time. Their next big event will be to walk with the Class of 2017 at graduation. Congratulations to Aubrey and Adam for being selected to be the Piedmont Mascots!

By: Savannah Stanton

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Riddle Me This

1. Mr. Smith has 3 daughters, each daughter has a brother. How many children does Mr. Smith have?

Answer: 4, each daughter has the same brother.

2. What has a face, two hands, but no arms or legs?

Answer: a clock

3. What has to be broken before you can use it?

Answer: an egg

4. In a one story blue house, there was a blue person, blue chairs, a blue table, a blue bathroom, a blue bed, and a blue computer. What color were the stairs?

Answer: it was a one story house, there were no stairs.

5. Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?

Answer: neither, they both weigh a pound.

6. What is never asked questions, but is often answered?

Answer: a doorbell

7. What 5 letter word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it?

Answer: short

8. What can run but cannot walk?

Answer: water

9. You draw a line. Without touching the line you make the line longer. How is this possible?

Answer: you draw a shorter line next to it, and it becomes longer.

10. What has holes in it, but can hold water?

Answer: a sponge

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Y-Club: A New Year

Y-Club is one of the most popular clubs at Piedmont Academy. The high school’s advisor is newcomer, Molly Tyree, who stated, “I am excited to be the high school advisor for Y-Club this year! I look forward to the service projects we will complete.” We have a wide variety of high school members for the club. Everyone is excited to begin our projects for each month. High school attended their first meeting, September 14th , to discuss what we wanted to do for upcoming activities. So far, we have decided for September that we will host another “See You at the Pole.” In the morning, everyone will gather at the black top and pray as a school. For October, we will hold a “Can for Cupcakes” project. “Cans for Cupcakes” will raise food for the food bank. Each homeroom will bring in as many cans as they can, and the class with the most cans will earn cupcakes.

Students who were interested in becoming a Y-Club officer this year had to submit a form and were chosen by Mrs. Wallace, the current middle school advisor and previous high school advisor. This year’s officers include the following:

President- Grayson Bradley (11th)

Vice President- Morgan Spivey (11th)

Secretary- Kelsey Leach (9th)

Publicist- Ivy English (11th)

Chaplin- Maddie Morton (10th)

Our officers are excited for a new year!

The high school members came up with an exciting new idea! We decided to create an Instagram page for Piedmont Academy Y-Club. The page is a place where we can post pictures of the members and activities for Y-Club. We can share what we do for the community. Be sure to follow our Instagram, @pacyclub!!

High school members include: (9th) Mallory Boyd, Mackensie Johnston, Kelsey Leach, Emily Mills, Loren Pope, Zach Spivey, Payton Wallace, and Morgan Whitley; (10th) Cassidy Cook, Gracie Hunt, Lillie King, Madison McCart, Maddie Morton, Deacon Robinson, and Ryn Smith; (11th) Grayson Bradley, Gracie Britain, Emma Kate Edmonds, Ivy English, Anne Marie Hildebrant, Madison Locklear, Morgan Spivey, and Caitlyn Young; (12th) Madison Burnham, Brice Dodson, and Morgan Johnston

Middle school’s advisor is Mrs. Wallace who has been a Y-Club administrator for several years. Middle school has had their first meeting to discuss the service projects they want to do. In September, they are joining high school at “See You at the Pole.” In October, they will decorate the Piedmont Academy lunchroom for Halloween. Officers for middle school are the following 8th graders:

President- Cally Cook

Vice President-Haley Ann Frank

Secretary-Sydney Stroud

Middle School members include: (6th) Abigail Arnold; (7th) Maggie Johnston and Raleigh Loftin; (8th) Cally Cook, Haley Ann Frank, Laney Martin, Jessica McEwen, Sydney Stroud, and MaLynne Webb

By: Mackensie Johnston

Cast all of your anxiety on Him; He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Have you ever been worried about something, but no one really cares enough to listen? A wonderful characteristic of God is that He loves to listen to you. You are His child, and He cares so much for you. Not only did He die for sinners like you and me, but He wants a relationship with us. Why? You are His creation and one of the many pieces that make up His heart.

I have always wondered why a perfect God wants a relationship with someone as imperfect as me. We disappoint Him every day, yet He still loves us. He will never stop loving us, no matter what. So today, if something is bothering you, take it to Him. He wants to carry your burdens for you. He wants to listen to what you have to say. Don’t let yourself become upset or worried over things you cannot control. Take it all to God.

By: Kelsey Leach

FFA Canned Food Drive

Piedmont Academy's FFA chapter held their first meeting to bring the chapter members together, conduct chapter business, and of course, to have a good time. The FFA officers decided the theme for the meeting would be “to give back.” In the spirit of the theme, attending members were asked to bring a canned food item to donate to the Jasper County food pantry. Also at the meeting, members played a game of kickball and enjoyed a slip-n-slide at the school.

By: Lawton Harris

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MS Student Council

Have you ever wondered who plans the middle school dances and other events? It’s our Middle School Student Council. For the 2016/2017 school year, the following students were voted by the middle school student: the President is Booker Holifield; the Vice President is Taylor Boyd; the Secretary is Carina Valdivia; and the treasurer is Malynne Webb. The class representatives for 8th grade are Ava Anglin and Laney Martin; the 7th grade representatives are Adrianna Chapko and Andrew Hill; and the 6th grade representatives are Dakota Floyd and Emily McEwen. The student council will soon be hard at work planning for the year.

By: Savannah Stanton

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Check Please #3

It’s that time of the year again for One Act Play. This club requires dedication and a lot of practice. Mrs. Mary Ramsdell, the K3 teacher, is in charge of One Act Play and has practices about three times a week for two hours. There are eleven members that participate in One Act Play. They are keeping information about their play under wraps for now, so if you want to know what their play is about, then go to the dessert theater on November 7th. “This year’s play is sure to please and is sure to be a hit with the audience, so make sure to get your tickets for the dessert theater!” says Mrs. Mary. Wish them luck!

By: Mallory Boyd

Washington, D.C.

Every three years, our middle school takes a trip to Washington, DC. This year, the students are planning to leave for Washington on Tuesday, April 18 and staying through Friday, April 21. On their nine-hour trip, they plan to make many stops to eat, rest, and take bathroom breaks. While they are there, they will be doing fun, educational things such as visiting museums and monuments, visiting the capitol, and doing guided tours with Daniel’s Educational Tours. They will also be staying in a hotel. It should be a lot of fun and a wonderful opportunity to make some memories!

By: Mallory Boyd

Paws At A Glance

October 1: Shotgun vs. Windsor @ Ocmulgee Gun Club

October 4: State Softball Round 1

PTO Meeting @ 3:30

October 5: Powder Puff Football

October 6: End of First Quarter!

Elementary Football vs. Creekside at 6:00

Flu Shots for Faculty and Staff

October 7: Varsity Football vs. Windsor at 7:30 (Senior Night)

October 8: State Softball Round 2

Shotgun vs. John Hancock @ Old Hudson Plantation

October 11: State Softball Final Four

FFA Day at the Ga National Fair

October 12: Report Cards Issued!

October 13: Half Day

Parent Conferences

October 14: Fall Break

Varsity Football @ Bethlehem Temple at 7:30

October 15: State Championship Varsity Softball

Elementary Football @ Eagles Landing at 12:00

October 17: Fall Break

October 20: JV Football @ Bethlehem Christian at 6:00


October 21: Varsity Football vs. Flint River at 7:30

October 25: PTO Spirit Night @ Skate Galaxy

October 27: Grandparents Bazar (9:00-6:00)

October 28: Grandparents Bazar (9:00-6:00)

Student Holiday

October 29: Shotgun @ Old Hudson

Robotics Practice Day @ Lawrenceville

October 31: Happy Halloween!