The Reading Room

The End of Trimester 2!

So Sad to Say Goodbye

It has been a wonderful trimester in The Reading Room. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your son or daughter and getting to know them as readers. We have learned to think while we read, to pay close attention to the text and to ask questions about what we are reading. Please continue to do all of these things at home each night when you read with your child.

Keeping a Close Eye

Here are some ways that I am working to ensure that your child has a smooth and successful transition back into the classroom for reading.

Report Cards and Reading Progress Reports

Wednesday, March 18th-Reports Go Home!!!

I will be emailing each Reading Progress Report home on Wednesday. You should receive your child's progress report no later than 3 p.m. If you do not receive it, please email me immediately. Once you have read the progress report and gone over your child's regular report card, please contact me with any questions or concerns. I'm happy to meet with you if need be.


Some students still have books that belong in my classroom. Please return these books to school as soon as possible. If your child is still reading a book of mine, go ahead and keep it until they finish. Thank you!!!


Attached to this newsletter is a document with sentence and question stems grouped according to each reading strategy we worked on this trimester. Use these stems (starters) to stimulate conversations with your child before, during and after reading together. You can print them out and post them near your reading area at home.