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Hopefully, since you've received several of my Beautycounter newsletters, you're familiar with our mission and our product line. I thought it would be fun this month to share a few of my daily habits for health and happiness.

I strive to put my husband Tom and my children first in my life. I felt, the last few years, this was slipping away and this past November 2014 I made the conscious decision to pull back the reins and get on top of what really matters. This is what bought me to Beautycounter; back to my roots of being in the field for 22 years, previous to 2007. It was a mind switch, an act of deliberateness - going after what I truly wanted and what I knew to be important AND this is the joy that my family and friends bring to my life,

This decision led me to choose gratitude. This is one habit that can definitely change my perspective almost immediately. Carving out one hour a morning for a daily devotion can really help quiet my soul and give me what I need to choose gratitude instead of comparison or discontentment.

I try and eat healthy and educate myself on what makes my body perform properly and what does not. It changes as we go through different seasons. What worked for me at the age of 30 or even 40 no longer works as I am now in my 50's and that's OK. Its allows me a head start to whats ahead.

I have also taught myself the importance of getting enough sleep; sleep without disruptions of worry or anxiety. I am learning what the Disney movie, Frozen means when they all shout "let it go" and whirl around in their fancy dresses. So YES I am starting to dance again.

Lastly, I want to share what is on the forefront of my mind daily... if I drop the ball on something (which I do several times a day) which ball will break and which will bounce?

We all balance a lot of balls in the air at any given time. I look at those as glass balls and rubber balls. I keep a watchful eye on the glass balls because they will break if dropped. These are the most important ones: our integrity, our reputation, our marriage and our family. The rubber balls will bounce a bit if dropped and ultimately won't break. These are hours that we volunteer, errands we have to do, calls we need to make etc...

I encourage you to take care of yourself... we all need to have a full cup to be able to love and serve other!

and so this bring me back to Beautycounter

This company allows me be a part of their mission and to serve you and others. It allows me to introduce safe products to my family, friends, hostess and acquaintances. I am still making a difference just in another capacity; by educating others on safe products; products that are not harmful to us and highly luxurious. Products that make us feel better about ourselves and how we are taking care of this one body we have been given.

My life is full but my life is once again joyful. I have my priorities back in place today and tomorrow will take care of itself as long as I do not let any glass balls drop or even bounce; which we know glass balls do NOT bounce:)

Here are some fabulous product highlights in helping you live your BEST life!

Would you like to share our mission with your family and friends?

Consider joining me... and be a part of our movement. I am changing lives everyday by sharing our products everywhere I go. It's a joyful mindset, its deliberate and its a healthy new me. Won't you join me? Feel free to contact me direct or better yet let's meet over a cup of green tea or better a glass of wine:)
Feel free to email me if you have questions:) AND THANK YOU; from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes THANK YOU for being someone who is still in my circle to call friend. xo