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Easily Navigating Google Sheets


Admittedly, the Google tool that I have the least experience with is Google Sheets. It is a great platform for analyzing data, sorting data, and developing a clean organization of information. There are countless formulas, tips and tricks to use with Sheets. However, through trial and error, and patience, I have found a few tips and tricks that are quite useful when using this tool. Below are a few easy and efficient tips and shortcuts you can try the next time you utilize a Google Sheet.

Simply Sorting Data

If you have an entire sheet of data, sorting it may seem like a massive chore. It can become even more complicated if you have a Header Row. If you, like me, used to highlight only the data you wanted to sort, then you wasted valuable time when it's even easier to sort your Sheet. But, there's an easier way! If you click on the cell in the upper left hand corner, above cell 1 and to the left of A, that highlights the entire sheet. Then, click on the Data tab, then navigate to Sort Range. A popup box appears, that allows you to check that your data has a Header Row. Then, you are able to add a few sort columns, and then let Google sort the data for you!

Freeze a Row or Column

In Sheets, the ability to freeze a row or column of cells can be really beneficial. To do this, highlight the row or column you would like to freeze, then head up to View > Freeze, and you're able to select whether you would like to freeze, 1, 2, or more rows or columns. However, a tip I have learned about it so much easier. If you hover above the row you would like to freeze, you should notice the "hand" icon appear. Click and hold that down, then drag to which rows you would like to freeze. Let go of the mouse button, and voila! Rows and/or columns are easily frozen in place for easy viewing.

Linking in a Google Sheet

An additional bonus of a Google Sheet is the ability to input links. Imagine if you're collaborating on a Sheet and want to send a resource to your collaborators. Or, if you would like to direct them to a specific sheet in the workbook, both can be accomplished by inserting a link. If you have a cell highlighted, click Insert at the top, then click Link. A pop up window appears that allows you to link to "Sheets in this spreadsheet" or an external link, which could be a website, Google file, or even a YouTube video.

Inserting an Image

The option to insert an image, whether it be a logo or basic image, is another appealing feature when creating a Google Sheet. Of course, there is the option to cut and paste an image onto a Sheet and then move it around. However, the ability to insert an image from the web directly into a cell is an even more advanced trick! In order to do this, click on the cell where the image is desired to be placed. Then, type in the following formula: =IMAGE("PASTE IMAGE URL HERE"). Then hit Enter. The image will appear in the selected cell. If you desire to increase its size, highlight a few cells, merge them, and your image can be whatever size you wish!

Protected Sheets

Sharing a Google Sheet is an awesome way to foster collaboration. But, what if you don't want them to have access to the other tabs to change what's already been completed? The ability to Protect Tabs is the solution. In the Tools menu, you will notice that you have the option to "Protect Sheet." This allows for you to determine which sheets are able to be accessed and by whom when you're working together on a Google Sheets project.

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