Technology Newsletter

February 2015

Thank You!

I feel it is necessary to thank all of the participants for last month's #connecteded scavenger hunt! Lot's of fantastic things have come from it! We have AWESOME TEACHERS DOING AWESOME things in the classroom. I love hearing about what you have learned, seeing what you have done on twitter and hearing from the kids about it!

I will include a contest in this newsletter. I will draw a winner from the participants at the end of the month. What is the contest??? You must read on and find it!


Kahoot! Gamify Your Class

Columbus Initiative

Update: We are still working on rolling out Macbooks to teachers. We have 2 more rollouts left for 6-12. If you are having difficulty finishing up your CISD Macbook iTunes course, let me know. We can schedule time for a group to meet to get this finished. I have heard many say they learned a lot and feel more comfortable with using their Macbook after they completed the course!

Apple TV: Still a work in progress. We have a couple classrooms that are piloting them for us. Mike is working hard at getting them connected.

Way to go Mrs. Canada! We enjoyed your presentation on Plickers.