7 Civil War Battles

By: Mariah Pearson

Sherman's March to the Sea (Battle of Atlanta)

The growing popularity of this major event in the south is quickly getting a rise from the residence that live there. But for more background this march was a part of the Atlanta campaign, which had many other battles such as Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca, Pickett’s Mill, Peach Tree Creek, New Hope Church, Kennasaw Mountain, Jonesborough, and Dallas. Whatever got in General William T. Sherman’s way he put fire to it. But our main focus is on the Battle of Atlanta which was the most bloodiest battle of the Atlanta campaign.

Lets get to know the these two controversial sides of this battle, they are the Union and the Confederacy. There were many battles during this campaign but we are just focusing on this particular battle. On the Union’s side they had 34,863 troops stationed. On the Confederate side they had 40,438 troops stationed, they were pretty even in numbers. On the Union side there was 3,722 killed, wounded, or missing and captured, there is really no specification. On the Confederate side there were 5,500 killed, wounded, or missing and captured, also there is no specification.

With these statistics the Union won the Battle of Atlanta, since there were less casualties, wounded and people reported missing or captured. Also Sherman ordered some of his troops to the east, to destroy the Georgia Railroad. The confederate commander John Bell Hood now had an opportunity because he could launch a flank attack on the Union. But that eventually backfired and before he knew it they lost the battle. Although they had some pretty good tactics and techniques it didn’t give them enough push to win.

Battle Of Gettysburg

Many people know about the popular event that resulted in a legendary speech for the fallen by the Union president Abraham Lincoln. But to get into detail this battle was basically legendary for the Union, winning in one of their home states. This battle was part of the Gettysburg campaign, Middleburg, Brandy Station and Aldie are all other battles in the campaign. The two commanders from either side were very smart and courageous. For the Union, George C. Meade was head commander and for the Confederacy Robert E. Lee was in command.

Both sides had courageous efforts to take each other down, but only one could have won. For the Union there were 93,921 troops stationed to fight in this battle and for the Confederacy there were 71,699 troops. The total estimated casualties were 51,112 people. On the Union side there was 3,155 killed, 14,529 wounded, and 5,365 missing or captured by the opposing side. This came to a total of 23,049 soldiers unaccounted, wounded, or dead. The confederate side there was 3,903 killed, 18,735 wounded and 5,425 missing or captured. That is a total of 28,063 soldiers unaccounted, wounded or dead. For the families of these fallen, wounded or missing soldiers we should show respect no matter what side they were on.

The Confederacy was going into this battle strong, they won at the battle of Chancellorsville and wanted to have another victory but on the Union’s territory. When Robert E. Lee and his troops advanced, the Union side pursuited the confederacy to put themselves between Robert E. Lees army and Washington D.C. Robert E. Lees plans to get some pressure on the Northern states backfired and now they met George C. Meade in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Union protected by the hills, the confederacy was in “no man’s land”. Finally the Union had found their victory in their home state and left the confederacy out to dry.

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This battle started September 16, 1862, this battle is in the Maryland campaign. The other battles in this campaign are South Mountain, Shepherdstown, and Harpers Ferry. The Union commander was George B. McClellan and the Confederate commander was Robert. E Lee. For the union side there was 87,000 troops engaged, the confederate had 45,000 troops and the total of casualties estimated 22,717. This Battle was inconclusive on a military standpoint but the Union won in the people’s eyes because the confederate drew back and retreated.

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This battle lasted from May 18 through July 4, it took place in Vicksburg, Mississippi. It was part of the Grant’s Operation against Vicksburg campaign, with other battles such as Raymond, Port Gibson, and Champion Hill. There was a total of 37,402 casualties and there was 77,000 Union troops and 33,000 confederate troops. The Union commander is Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate commander John C. Pemberton. On the Union side there was about 806 dead, 3,940 wounded, and 164 missing and/or captured. On the Confederate side there was about 805 killed, 1,938 wounded, 29,620 missing and/or captured.

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Fort Sumpter

This was the first battle of the Civil war in Fort Sumpter, South Carolina on December 20, 1860. The Union commander was Robert Anderson and the Confederate commander P.G.T. Beauregard. There was 80 union troops and 500 confederate troops but this attack had no casualties. Also no wounded and no captured so it was a confederate victory. Confederate commander P.GT. Beauregard attacked the fort and caught Anderson by surprise and he surrendered the fort to the confederacy. This was the start of the long and grueling civil war.

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Appomattox Court House

On April 9,1865 this is the attempt of battle when the Confederate surrendered to the Union. The Union cut off the traveling of the confederates and they retreated across the Appomattox river. Robert E. Lee decided to surrender to Ulysses S. Grant than to sacrifice his soldiers because he was already wiped out. There was about 63,285 union troops and 26,000 confederate troops with a total of 700 casualties. This battle is a part of the Appomattox Campaign which also includes White Oak Road, Sailor’s Creek, High Bridge, Five Forks, and Appomattox station. This is the ending of the civil war which ended with a peace treaty, but the Union soldier did parol the confederate officers so they wouldn’t go into riots.

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Fort Fisher

On January 13-15, 1865 the Battle of Fort Fisher took place in New Hanover County, North Carolina. Union commander David Dixon Porter bombarded the rear of the fort. Which lead Confederate commander Robert F. Hook to surrender which led the Union to takeover the South’s last seaport in Wilmington. There was about 9,632 Union troops and 1,900 Confederate troops engaged in this attack. About 1,924 total casualties during this attack, which led to a Union victory to take over the fort. This is looking towards the end of the war since the last seaport to import supplies is taken over.

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