Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

What is Lord of the Flies?

Lord of the Flies is an extraordinary, captivating novel that tells the struggle and the adventure of a group of british boys aged eight through twelve. When their airplane crashes, these boys are left to govern themselves. From this, dictatorships and rebellions against each other arise and bring fear and evoke conflict and separation. Jack is a blood thirsty, power hungry person who wants to be in control, he does so by rebelling against Ralph, the intelligent child, and forms a rebel tribe that want to hunt and disregard what Ralph and Piggy, who is the outcast, say.
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What is significant?

The book shows how in difficult situations the people affected must stay together. Unity allows for agreement. Unity allows for compromise. Unity allows for decision making. Unity allows for the increased chance for success. When times are grueling or hard to get through , people must pull together. Don't go straggling away the group if conflict arises, approach new ideas in a rational, civilized manner. It is, simply put, the proper way to react.
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Or Else?

Or Else? In the book Ralph is says number one priority is to keep the fire going, not to let it die out. The fire was necessary to show overseeing planes that the islands had people that were stranded and in need of desperate aid. However, Jack, who is 12, wanted the main priority to be food, to do soy he hunted pigs. Jack was an arrogant, ignorant, and apathetic soul, he declared himself ruler of his little tribe with no consent of others, he ignored the intelligence and rationalism among the others, and did not care, because his incentive was to fulfill his hunger, metaphorically and physically. As Jack lead other to his group, he left Piggy and Ralph in the dust. The disagreement over the fire and pig hunting got to the point where Jack was such an egomaniac, that he was upset with Piggy's concept of unity that he rolled a boulder off a cliff, and brutally murdered Piggy. What an egregious and sociopathic scene to witness.