Bob Fosse & Sonya Tayeh

Dance history

Bob Fosse (Robert Louis Fosse)

Bob Fosee grew up in a performing family in Chicago Illinois, who later moved to Washington, D.C. And then New York. He worked directing, producing, and choreographing musicals. He married Gwen Verdon who was cast in one of his musicals. He also worked in the navy. Bob Fosee took acting classes, he performed with the riff brothers on tour and directed musicals. He took formal dance at Fredrick weaver ballet school. His style is known as "cool jazz" it's a burlesque style suggestive with angular lines Isolutions

Sonya Tayeh

Sonya is a dance teacher, jazz & contemporary choreographer, bad coreographed on so you think you can dance. She started off as a house dancer in her teenage years.she started dancing at 15 years old,mostly hip-hop and house dance. In school she studied ballet and modern dance as a subject. Sonya didn't take any formal classes until she was 18 years old. She was a member of counter groove bad full circle dance company. She was denied by six dance studios because they felt she was too old. She drew from dance history, anatomy, and performance bad developed a style that is built on core strength, agressive partner interaction, quirky, and stylized movement. Her style is known as "combat jazz." Sonya created her own company called "tayeh dance" which she named in honor of her father who died when she was young.

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