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April Newsletter

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St Gabriel Education Centre is a safe and caring environment where students are given the differentiated, flexible, and engaging learning opportunities that will inspire them to be successful in learning and life.

Principal's Update

Dear St. Gabes students and families,

It's almost April and it finally feels like spring is on its way! I love hearing all the birds chirping and being able to walk outside without my face freezing!

Our Lenten Campaign continues until Easter so please click on the link to make a donation. Catholic Social Services provides help to so many vulnerable youth in our area who need our support. You don't need to be Catholic or even religious to access support from Catholic Social Services.

Please make sure you register for next year. Our St. Gabes program is very unique in Alberta and this year we served well over 300 students from across the province and we are continuing to grow. Students report that they enjoy the flexibility of learning in a blended online/in person program. Students are experiencing such great success that we've been able to add grades 7-9 to our online program and grade 10 French Immersion.

I pray that you all have a safe and healthy spring!

Many Blessings to you all,

Renee Trottier,


April Calendar

March 25 - No School. Spring break begins

April 4 - First day back from Spring Break

April 5 - The Doug, our division chaplain will be at St. Gabes for Pop Tarts and Pop Culture

April 10 - Palm Sunday

April 11 - School Council meeting at 6:30

April 14 - Holy Thursday

April 15 - Good Friday. No school

April 16 - Holy Saturday

April 17 - Easter Sunday

April 18 - Easter Monday. No school

April 27 - Admin Professional's Day

April 28 - Easter liturgy at 11:00

April 29 - PD Day. No School

Registration for 2022/2023

If you are interested in registering for next year, please click on the link HERE. You can find out more about St. Gabes by checking out our website or calling one of the staff.

Many of you have joined us online but are still registered at your home base school. If you would like to join St. Gabes as a full time student and not a concurrent student, please fill out the registration package and select "NEW" student and then be sure to check the box in the drop down menu for St. Gabriel Education Centre Outreach. You should also email your school's administration and let them know that you are transferring your child/children to St. Gabes. Please contact Mrs. Trottier if you have questions about this process.

If you know anyone interested in online education for junior high or grade 10 online French Immersion, please tell them to contact me at the school.

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Check out our New Logo!

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ARISE! This Lent help vulnerable young people Be Safe!

This Lent students, staff and parents across the GSACRD community are invited to support Catholic Social Services’ Safe House. CSS’ Safe House is a home where at-risk young people can go to be safe.

These are children and young people, as young as 13, who live on the streets. In many cases they are at risk of exploitation, trafficking or encountering violence or substance abuse.

They are alone, afraid and have no where else to call home.

Safe House is often the only place they can go to access warm and loving support.

In a typical year staff in CSS’ Safe House distribute around 400 ‘BE Safe Backpacks’ to these vulnerable young people.

The funds raised in this campaign will go towards the purchase of these Be Safe Backpacks right at the very moment when it is needed. The Backpacks will provide the items that each individual needs to support their safety.

While no one Backpack is the same they will include some standard items such as a toothbrush, dry shampoo, a flashlight, a re-usable water bottle, granola bars, and clothes suitable for the season.

Perhaps most importantly every young person who receives a Be Safe Backpack knows they do not have to face the world alone.

We are so grateful to all in GSACRD for helping to bring hope to these young people this Lent.

Your solidarity is God’s love in action.

“Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’” Matt 25:40

All donations over $20, by individuals, are eligible for a tax receipt.

School Council

Our next School Council meeting is on April 11 at 6:30pm. This month we will be approving our school's Safe and Caring Code of Conduct. Please join us to discuss this very important topic.

We meet once per month except for December and June. All of our meetings are online. You can find the agenda and meeting link on our website under "About Us/School Council".

We look forward to seeing you!

COVID Updates

For the latest updates about our return to school plan and response to COVID, please click on the link below. It is important to remember that you are required to wear your masks for the entire duration of your time at St. Gabriel Education Centre.


Just a friendly reminder to park in our lower parking lot when you are coming to the school. The lower lot can be accessed from the back alley parallel to our school.

Please do not park in the following areas:

  • our handicapped spot (unless you are handicapped and are coming into the school)
  • in the spots at the front of the building or in the upper lot on top of seven hills
  • in front of our garbage bin (the truck has left our garbage a few times because the bin was blocked).

Catholic Corner

ARISE! Get Up, Get Going and Go with God!

"Arise! I have appointed you as a witness of what you have seen!"

(Acts 26:16)

Our GSACRD Faith theme is in its second year of, "Arise! Get Up, Get Going and Go with God!"

This year, we are focusing on the "Get Going!" part of our theme. How do students, staff and parents know, model and witness Jesus Christ?


As we venture through Lent, it often feels as though we will never make it to Easter. It feels long, bleak and tiresome. But, as we follow along with Jesus on the way of the cross to the resurrection, we don't dwell on Good Friday. We don't stay at the cross. The story doesn't end at His death. The story begins when He rises from the dead and opens the gates of salvation for us all! Isn't that amazing?! Let us not dwell on the darkness, for it has been conquered once and for all! Truly He has risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Did you Know?

Easter is the longest Season in the Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar! It's 50 days long (7 weeks!) After the fasting, it's time for feasting! Now, that's worth celebrating!

A fun retelling of the Easter Story

An Easter Story

A Day of Prayer for Ukraine in all Parishes

We encourage you and all people of goodwill to pray for the imminent restoration of peace, dialogue, and human fraternity in Ukraine, in solidarity with the Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, in unison with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, with the people of Ukraine as well as with Canadians of Ukrainian origin and descent.

Mental Health and Wellness

Don't forget to check out our "Mental Health and Wellness" section on our website for wellness ideas, tips, resources and sessions that are being offered. Click on "community supports" for information about services in St. Albert and area to support you or your family.

Counselling at SGEC

Our school counsellor at St. Gabriel Education Center is Mrs. Tracy Delhez. She is able to provide social and emotional support to students both online or at school. Mrs. Delhez is available at SGEC on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons until 5:30. Counselling referrals can also be made by parents or teachers. Support is provided for individual or family concerns and referrals to outside agencies can be accessed through Mrs. Delhez. For more information or to book an appointment please contact Mrs. Delhez at

Social Media - Updated Regularly

Did you know that we update our social media accounts on a regular basis? Following us is one of the quickest ways to find out what's going on at school and getting those last minute, emergency updates.

Please follow and share with your friends. We want everyone to know what a great place St. Gabes is!

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