May 20, 2023


On Thursday night, our 8th graders celebrated their middle school experience with just one more middle school dance. They walked the red carpet through the VIP entrance for a night of food, fun, dancing, and celebration in "Hollywood."

Thank you to Ms. Long and the Family & Consumer Science classes for their hard work in preparing the food for the event, which consisted of several types of pasta, salad, rolls, and chocolate lasanga for dessert! This dance wouldn't have been possible with out the entire 8th grade team, especially Ms. Stover for creating the decorations and Ms. Dusing for planning the event! Many teachers came out to celebrate our 8th grade and we want to thank them for giving of their time to serve!

8th Grade, we are proud of your accomplishments and look forward to what you will do in high school & beyond!

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The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) and Common Ground Partnership announced that North Middle School will be receiving the Purple Star Award!

Purple Star Award recipients are schools and districts that have committed to providing dedicated support and services to students of military families. The Purple Star Award recognizes schools making a focused commitment to meet the needs of military-connected children by identifying a trained military family point of contact, linking to resources on their homepage, completing a minimum of two military support activities and submitting a localized plan of action. Their commitment provides a foundation for students of military families to develop productive, academic lives and to be a part of a supportive community.

Thanks to Mr. Sarina, a former marine and our Communities in Schools liason, for leading this effort to support our military families!

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On Tuesday, the entire NMS school community participated in the annual Mini-Relay for Life. Our students walked the track, grabbed concessions and sweet treats from Kona Ice, listened to a special speaker talk about her cancer struggle, and played carnival games to raise money for cancer research. It was an educational, fun, & productive afternoon in which we were able to encourage others going through cancer and raise money for cure!
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Next week is our LAST WEEK OF THE 2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR! We can hardly believe it! Here are a few special events that will be taking place:

*On Tuesday, May 23rd, 7th graders will participate in the Cultural Fair! 7th grade students should make sure to have their country project boards completed and with them on Tuesday!

*The 8th grade Awards Celebration will take place on Tuesday, May 23rd at 1:00pm. Parents will be invited if their student is expected to win an award.

*Martinsburg High School "Step-Up Day" for 8th graders will be on May 24th. Students will take a bus to MHS to learn more about the school. If students are interested, they MUST return a permission slip to Ms. Jackson, our school counselor.

*Seventh graders must turn in their Chromebooks on Wednesday, May 24th! The LAST DAY TO TURN IN DEVICES FOR ALL GRADES IS MAY 25th! Students who do not turn in a device will receive a bill for $250.00 over the summer and will not receive a new device next fall until arrangements are made to return or pay for this year's device.

*The 6th & 7th grade field trips are taking place on Thursday, May 25th!

*The 8th grade class will have their farewell picnic during school on Thursday, May 25th!

*THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, May 26th, IS A 2-HOUR EARLY DISMISSAL! We hope you have a fantastic summer!

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The end of the year brings many celebratory activities for the 8th grade. The 8th grade teachers would like everyone to be allowed to participate, so they are taking this opportunity to remind students and parents that participation in these activities must be EARNED.

Any student who has out-of-school-suspension during the 4th nine weeks (March 13th & after) will NOT be invited to the end-of-year 8th grade activities.

Check out the information below for details about the 8th grade events!

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From 5:30-7:30pm on June 6-8, 2023, FREE SPORTS PHYSICALS will be available at the Dorothy McCormick Center. Save this date on your calendar! Check out the flyer below to see which date corresponds with your child's school.

Cheerleaders interested in SPRING and/ or SUMMER conditioning, check out the flyers below!

Hedgesville High School is having a parent/ player soccer meeting for students interested in trying out this fall on May 21st at 8pm in the big Gym at HHS.

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STS Summer Camp is open to girls ages 11-15 in Jefferson County and Berkeley County West Virginia. We will cover a variety of topics including anti-bullying, healthy friendships, self-esteem and more! Plus, enjoy daily fun summer activities and meet new friends!

Location- Martinsburg West Virginia. Location details and schedule provided upon registration.

This is a FREE Day Summer Camp Program. Limited spots are available!

July 5th-July 21st

9am-4pm Monday-Friday

*Drop off begins at 8am

For more information, click the link below!

PARENT CORNER: Navigating the Perils of Social Media

In the digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives, transforming the way we communicate, share information, and interact with the world. While it undoubtedly offers numerous benefits, it is crucial for parents to be aware of the potential dangers that social media poses, especially for young teenagers. In this article, we will explore the risks associated with social media and provide practical strategies for parents to mitigate these dangers, ensuring their children's online well-being.

The Dark Side of Social Media

  • Cyberbullying: Social media platforms can become breeding grounds for cyberbullying, where hurtful comments, rumors, and personal attacks can have a devastating impact on a teen's self-esteem and mental health. Parents must be vigilant in recognizing signs of bullying and maintain open lines of communication to support their children.
  • Privacy concerns: Young teens are often unaware of the privacy implications associated with sharing personal information online. From geolocation tags to publicly visible posts, their privacy can be compromised, making them vulnerable to online predators and identity theft. Educating teens about privacy settings and encouraging them to think before sharing personal information is vital.
  • Negative body image and self-esteem: Social media platforms are filled with carefully curated images and unrealistic standards of beauty, which can contribute to negative body image and low self-esteem among young teens. Parents can foster healthy self-esteem by promoting open discussions about body positivity, self-acceptance, and the deceptive nature of online imagery.
  • Online scams and malicious content: Social media provides a platform for scammers and content creators to exploit young minds. Teens may be enticed by offers that promise quick fame, fortune, or popularity, leading them to share personal details or fall for online scams. Parental guidance, teaching critical thinking skills, and encouraging skepticism can help protect teens from falling into such traps.

Mitigating the Dangers

  • Open communication: Maintain a healthy and open line of communication with your teens. Encourage them to share their online experiences, concerns, and any incidents of cyberbullying. By fostering trust, you can help your child feel comfortable discussing their online world without fear of judgment or punishment.

  • Educate about online risks: Take the time to educate your teens about the potential dangers of social media. Discuss topics like cyberbullying, privacy settings, the importance of not engaging with strangers, and the deceptive nature of online content. Teach them how to recognize and handle suspicious or inappropriate behavior online.

  • Set clear guidelines: Establish clear rules and guidelines regarding social media usage. Consider age-appropriate limits on screen time, establish guidelines for acceptable online behavior, and encourage responsible use of technology. Regularly revisit and revise these guidelines as your child grows and matures.

  • Monitor online activity: While it is important to respect your child's privacy, keeping an eye on their online activities is crucial. Familiarize yourself with the social media platforms your child uses, periodically check their profiles, friend lists, and privacy settings. Various parental control apps and software can help you maintain a balance between privacy and monitoring.

  • Encourage offline activities: Encourage your teens to participate in offline activities, such as sports, hobbies, and face-to-face interactions with friends. Balancing online and offline activities will help reduce their dependency on social media and promote a well-rounded lifestyle.

Social media has revolutionized the way we connect, but it also poses significant risks for young teens. By understanding the potential dangers and adopting proactive strategies, parents can empower their children to navigate social media safely. Remember, open communication, education, and setting clear guidelines are essential steps in protecting your teen's well-being and promoting a healthy relationship with technology. Together, we can create a safer and more positive online environment for our young generation.



Even though the school year is winding down, we are still action-packed in class!

*During our Unified Arts classes this week the 6th & 7th graders had their awards ceremonies. We were delighted to welcome many parents into the building to see their child receive an award!

*The NMS band got to perform on Friday at the Opequon Relay for Life event! Thanks for organizing this Ms. Cline!

*Ms. Long's Family & Consumer Science class have been BUSY this week making food for the 8th grade dance and breakfast boxes for the show choir on Saturday.

*Ms. Gantt's "Growing Beyond Earth" students presented their experiment findings to NASA at the end of April but received feedback last week. The kids scored a 183 out of 200 & got some really great feedback from the scientists at NASA! You can listen to their virtual presentation to NASA HERE!

*Congrats to Ms. Landerkin's students! All of the winners this year for the county-wide Elks Writing Competition came from Ms. Landerkin's classes! They will be awarded monetary prizes TODAY, May 21st. Ms. Landerkin (and all of us at NMS) are so proud of them!

*All week long, graduates from Martinsburg, Hedgesville, & Spring Mills have been visiting North to say "thank you" to their teachers from their middle school years! We are SO proud of our North students!

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