Bruneau Elementary Newsletter

November 2022

Upcoming Events

Monday, December 5th BES Reading & Math Night 5-7:00pm-Pizza will be served

Thursday, December 8th BES Christmas Program 6pm

Tuesday, December 13th School Board Meeting 7pm @ Rimrock

Thursday, December 22nd End of 2nd Quarter

Friday, December 23rd-Sunday, January 8th Winter Break

Monday, January 9th School Resumes

A Note from Mr. Meyers

Habit 3 - Put First things First • Work First, then Play

It’s funny how kids will spend thirty minutes complaining about their chores, not realizing they could have completed them in the same amount of time they spent complaining. Go figure.

Indeed, putting first things first is hard. In fact, of all the habits, it’s the hardest one to keep. Why? Because we’re all somewhat addicted to doing the urgent thing or the easier thing first. Yet if we don’t teach our kids to delay gratification and do the hard thing (or first thing) first while they are young, they may learn too late or not at all. In this story, be sure to point out how awful it can feel when you procrastinate and put things off, like when Pokey crammed the night before the test. Contrast that with how good it feels when you are prepared. As a wise person once put it, “Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.”

Here are some discussion questions for you and your student after watching the story:

1. Why did Pokey put off studying for his spelling test? What did he do instead?

2. How did Pokey feel the night before the first test?

3. What does procrastinate mean? What did Sophie teach Pokey about procrastination?

4. How did Pokey feel after he studied all week and aced his spelling test?

5. Why is it so important to put first things first?

The Seven Habits of Happy Kids: Habit 3 - Put First Things First

K/1 Miss Wampler

K/1 has been learning all about beavers this month. In math, kindergarten is working on comparing ten frames to find how many more makes ten. First grade is identifying equal equations and missing numbers in equations to 20. We have been writing about what we are thankful for. First grade is excited to get new chrome books and has been using them to work on opinion writing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!
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2/3 Mrs. Jones

November has really flown by! I am so happy with all of the hard work second and third grade have dedicated to their education. Not only have we worked hard academically but also within our growth mindset--from choosing appropriate coping skills to dedicating time to mindfulness. We are finishing our Western expansion unit and have thoroughly researched five trails, including the Santa Fe and Oregon Trail. Third grade has continued working hard on multiplication facts while diving into division. Second grade continues to master double digit subtraction with regrouping. I am looking forward to seeing everyone after Thanksgiving break. Have a safe and happy holiday!
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4/5 Mr. Orban

During the daily math lessons, the fifth-grade students made the transition from adding and subtracting decimal numbers to learning different methods needed to add and subtract fractions. These lessons reinforce various concepts these students need to successfully work with fractions as well as mixed numbers. Meanwhile, the fourth graders explored various strategies needed to multiply multi-digit numbers before they began work on using similar math concepts to divide pairs of multi-digit numbers.

In language arts, students from both grade levels continue to study ways that authors tell stories through various genres and text elements during daily reading lessons. These lessons connect to daily writing lessons in which students work on weekly writing assignments that deal with specific topics. For example, students shared their opinions on an assigned topic and then turned their attention to telling stories that include text and illustrations.

In social studies, the students are continuing their exploration of the 13 colonies. During these lessons, the class is building on their understanding of the challenges the settlers of the New World faced as they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in search of starting a new life in what is now the United States as well as the exploring the reasons why this part of the world led to a number of conflicts between various nations.

During the science lessons, the class has started the first in a series of engineering challenges to help them understand the challenges that people faced as they created and continue to enhance the technology that has allowed society to grow. It’s allowing them to understand that it takes plenty of testing, data collection and revisions to create various types of technology.

Veterans Day

We spent the week learning about Veterans Day in our Community Groups and were excited to have the Mountain Home Air Force Color Guard come to BES and show us how to fold the American flag. Sergeant Frank spoke to us about his experiences in the Air Force and students were able to ask questions to find out more about his service and the role of the color guard members in the Air Force. BES students also wrote letters to local veterans thanking them for their service.
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BES November Students of The Month

Our students of the month for November were chosen for solving small problems, either on their own or using the choice wheel.

November Cape Run

Each month, we select students from each class that have shown outstanding growth on our Istation reading or math assessment to participate in our cape run. November's students are:

Colt Fowers, Eluterio Lemus, Carlos Juarez, and Case Fowers.

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Turkey Winners

Thank you to all of the families that joined us for our Turkey lunch. The winners of our turkey and pie drawing are Hattie Bachman, Crawford Eldridge, Case Fowers, and Elu Lemus.
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