The Bully

Paul Langan


Darrel moves from Philadelphia to California because Darrell's mom has a job that will pay more money than her old job.It take three days to get to California and Darrell is so sad he left all his freinds behind. The first day hes there he meets three boy and smiles at them they come out and just be plain out rude to Darrell. Darrell finds out that they go to the school Bluford High and finds out one of the boys names it's Tyray. Next time he sees Tyray out of school he puts a KNIFE to Darrell's neck. Every fryday Darrell has to give Tyray money or he will get jumped by the three boys. Darrel meets a girl named Amberlynn and Darrell like her a lot so Tyray picks on him and Amberlynn and at at home comming Darrell gets thrown it to a trashcan. A few days later Darrell brakes Tyray's wrist bone Tyray gets supended.
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Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

Life Of Pi is like The Bully Pi has to face challenges all by him self and his [pet] tiger Richard Parker on a kanow from a cruse that crashed with Pi's parents on it but Pi and Richard are stranded in the Pacific ocean alone and face hash weather lack of food and water and going nuts and Pi tranes Richard and later Richard Parker dies. :{
Life Of Pi - Official Trailer