What's Up @ Skaggs?

February 8-12 Friendship Week/Counselor's Week

Thank Yous and Celebrations

  • This week we celebrate all of the wonderful things our counselor does for us here at Skaggs!
  • You may wear jeans this week IF you participate in the Friendship Week activities. If you don't you can still use a jeans pass.
  • Thank you to Katy, Kristen, Nia and Shelley for covering for me in my absence this week. I am ready for your new evaluation system, T-TESS. Who is excited??????
  • Thank you for your time, effort and input in CMIT. You are such great advocates for your students.
  • Congratulations to Julie for making it through her first week here! She is doing an amazing job!

Star Parking

Katy Blake-You have two stars! One for your work on Study Buddies and helping out in art!

Important Dates

2/8-2/12-Friendship Week and Counselor's Week

2/9-Fire Drill and Tornado Drill @ 1:00

2/12-Friendship Parties @ 1:30 (except 4th grade @ 12:30)

Today's Terrific Tweet-Mary St. Clair-A School Tradition-Dressing Up as 100 Year Old Ladies

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