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Thank You Firefighters!

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"Super Scooper" Firefighter Planes Fight the Walker Fire

The Walker Fire, which is California’s largest wildfire this year, had burned 47,340 acres and was 20% contained as of Tuesday evening, according to the U.S. Forest Service. At least 1,096 fire officials from an assortment of agencies have been assigned to the firefighting efforts. "Super Scooper" planes from Spokane, WA. landed, multiple times per hour, on Lake Davis scooping up water and dumping up to 1600 gallons a drop on the fire. "Super Scooper" is a nickname given to certain amphibious firefighting aircraft built by Canadair. Thank you to everyone involved fighting this fire and protecting our communities.
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Freshman at Grizzly Ranch

The Freshman class attended an overnight adventure at Grizzly Creek Ranch this week. Sponsored by PJSHS and Feather River College, the students participated in two days of outdoor learning, and team building activities

Above and Beyond

Each week, we like to acknowledge staff members and supporters who go above and beyond their call of duty for PJSHS. Please help us appreciate Mr. Hutchins, Ms. Spence, Maria Popish, Angie Thompson, and Mike Waadorp for chaperoning the 9th-grade Outdoor Education trip to Grizzly Creek Ranch.

Upcoming Events

9/13 REGL candidates to Grizzly Ranch

9/17 FRC- College and Career Fair, 11-12th Grade

9/24 Book Club

9/25 Picture Day

9/27 Racial Equity Assembly

9/30-10/4 Homecoming Week

10/5 Homecoming Dance

10/8-9 7th Grade Outdoor Education

10/9 Cash for College Night

10/12 Boosters Golf Tournament

10/16 Human Trafficking Assembly-1:45 PM

10/28 Fall Festival

College and Career Fair

Tuesday, Sep. 17th, 9am

570 Golden Eagle Avenue

Quincy, CA

Juniors and seniors will be traveling to Feather River College on 9/17 to take part in FRC's College and Career Fair.

Sports Calendar

Fall Sports

9/13 Football @ Modoc

9/16 Volleyball vs. Lassen 5:00 pm

9/17 Soccer vs. Loyalton

Volleyball vs. Loyalton 5:30 pm

9/18 Volleyball @ Chester

9/19 Soccer vs. Quincy

9/20 Football vs. Weed 7:30 pm

9/24 Volleyball vs. Maxwell

Soccer @ Squaw Valley

9/26 Soccer @ Paradise Adventist

Volleyball @ Biggs

9/27 Football @ Los Molinos

10/1 Volleyball vs. Quincy 5:30 pm

Soccer @ Loyalton

10/3 Soccer vs. Core-Butte

10/4 Football vs. Maxwell 7:30 pm

10/8 Volleyball vs. Core-Butte

Soccer @ Quincy

10/10 Soccer vs. Squaw Valley

Volleyball @ Maxwell

10/11 Football vs. Quincy 7:30 pm

10/15 Volleyball vs. Biggs

Soccer @ Core-Butte

Volleyball vs. Biggs- 5:00 pm

10/17 Soccer @ Paradise Adventist

Volleyball @ Quincy

10/18 Football vs. Fall River

10/19 Volleyball @ Chester

10/22 Volleyball @ Esparto DH

10/24 Volleyball @ Core- Butte

10/25 Football @ Biggs

11/1 Football @ Etna

JR. High Fall Sports

JR. High Fall Sports

9/14 Flag Football White vs. Quincy -10:00 AM

9/17 Volleyball @ Quincy

9/18 Flag Football Purple vs. Loyalton-10:30 AM

9/21 Volleyball vs. Greenville-3:30 PM

Flag Football White vs. Greenville 10:30 AM

9/25 Volleyball @ Greenville

9/28 Flag Football White vs. Loyalton- 11:00 AM

Flag Football Purple @ Quincy

10/1 Flag Football Purple vs. White-5:00 PM

10/5 Flag Football Purple @ Greenville

Flag Football White vs. Quincy 11:00 AM

10/8 Flag Football White vs. Greenville-5:00 PM

10/9 Flag Football Purple vs. Loyalton-4:30 PM

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