PBIS at Field-Stevenson

Fun in the First Quarter


Students are monitoring their behavior using Classroom Dojo. Students earn positive Dojo points for good choices and lose points when they are not following the school and classroom rules. Dojo allows our students to learn from their choices and earn positive points when they correct their behavior. Classroom Dojo works well with PBIS as it is a positive approach to classroom discipline. Each month we highlight the students with the top Dojo percentages in each grade. They win a scratch off raffle ticket and can win anything from extra shark bites to a homework pass to a Portillo's lunch for them and a friend! Parents can get involved with Classroom Dojo and their child's classroom experience too. If you aren't already logged on please contact your child's homeroom teacher for more information.

New this year is our focus on the Growth Mindset. We are using Classroom Dojo to promote this new way of thinking in our classrooms and school. ClassDojo and Stanford's PERTS research center teamed up to create the the first season of The Mojo Show. This five episode video series (along with a few incredible activities) highlight the power of having a growth mindset, and how any student can learn this skill!

Super "U" at Field!

On October 26th the students at Field participated in the Super U! Challenge. This high energy assembly engaged our students in positive messages about respecting others, not bullying peers, and making the best character choices to be the best “YOU” that you can be. The performance was structured like exciting children’s game shows from TV, such as “Minute To Win It”, “Figure It Out”, and the Nickelodeon TV classic, “Double Dare.”

Volunteers from the audience became the stars of this school assembly show, as they attempted fun (and sometimes funny!) challenges with costumes, interesting props, and wacky inventions. Everything built to an exciting finale that included some kid’s game show “slime” that had the entire audience cheering. The challenges were all designed to illustrate important character education lessons and to help remind students of the PBIS (positive behavior) and no bullying expectations of the school.

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1st Quarter Celebration and Halloween at Field

Field students celebrated their 1st Quarter accomplishments and good choices with a Halloween Parade, Movie and Snack! The whole school gathered in the gym to watch Halloweentown and enjoy juice and Oreo cookies. The costumes were super fun to check out as well. Kuddos to the 3rd-5th graders at Field for making great choices and follow the 3 Bs...keep up the great work in the 2nd quarter!

Ready, Set, Go!

We kicked the year off with a Camfel Productions assembly to promote our year long theme of "Getting Gritty With It" and showing perserverance. READY, SET, GO! encouraged students to work hard at realizing their goals through planning and practice. Students were shown that there are times when learning something new or practicing to get better can be hard, if not down-right boring. The presention aimed at have our students realize that losing and failing are both realities of life, and that giving up based on feelings of anger or frustration is never a good option.

READY, SET, GO! stressed the importance of hard work. We hope they saw the benefits of perseverance and effort, and to become aware of those who will try to discourage them from giving it their all. There will be bullies who try to get them to give up. But to reach their goals, they'll see the importance of not listening to those negative voices.

PBIS on the Bus

To encourage following the 3Bs on the bus a green Bus Ticket was developed to promote and reward good choices. When students are travelling to and from school or on a school sponsored field trip bus drivers and support staff will be looking for students who are being respectful, responsible and safe. If they are caught making good choices they will earn the new green bus ticket and have the opportunity to shop with it in the Shark Tank. The PBIS team is always looking for new ways to help our students succeed and Bus Tickets are our newest addition!