Presented by: Josh Adkins, MacKenzie Adkins,&Hannah Crampton

Confucianism Facts

  • Confucianism does not have a God, although it is taught by Confucius.
  • Their symbol is known as the symbol used by the Taoist religion. It stylizes the depiction of yin and yang.
  • Confucians most enduring and oldest ritual practice is ancestor worship.
  • According to their sacred writings include, Analects (Lunyu), the Five Classics (Wujing), and the Four Books (Sishu).
  • The holidays they celebrate are traditional Chinese holidays which include, Chinese New Year, Autumn Moon Festival, Ghost Festival, Chinese Buddhist Festival, and Qing Ming Jie (Tomb Sweeping Day).
  • The religion was founded by Kongzi, and taught through Confucius.
  • Their most important rite of passage is death.

Places of Worship & Clergy members unlike any other religion

Confucianism is often referred to much as a philosophy rather than a religion, but 5,000,000 adherents disagree. Their place of worship is just ordinary human interactions, and daily life, that is considering this religion focuses on those things. The most sacred place of worship is the family home, but most ancestor worship is at a domestic altar or in a family temple. Unlike other religions, they do not have a God per se, but they worship their ancestors as they would a God.

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