5 Themes for Sports Medicine

Ella Hynson


Being a trainer for the athletes we have to go with the athletes to where ever their games is. Sometimes we stay home and play on our own field. It's always fun to travel to another stadium, but it's nice to play at home with all our classmates screaming at the players to run left or run right.



Our football team plays in a certain region, meaning we play the same teams every season. We go to them and they come to us. The other teams sometimes don't even have trainers so we have to fill in for them. We actually never really talked to the other teams trainers, which is kind of sad, that would be really fun to be friends with the other trainers. Even though the other trainers aren't our friends we still have the support of our AMAZING student section.

Human/Environmental Interaction

We interact with the athletes and the coaches, on a daily basis. And if a football game is rained out obviously we can't do our job if the athletes aren't going their job. Our job relies solely on what the athletes are doing. If the athletes aren't working then we aren't working. Weather has a big effect on wether or not we work.


Like i've been saying we move around a lot to other schools with the football team. In my opinion movement also involves the movement we make to get to an injured players. If an athlete is injured we have to move quickly. And use the training we've gotten in class to help this injured athlete. In class we learn different things to help us, like in the picture we learned how to tape wrists so if someone injures their wrist I can tape it and they can get back in the game.
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