Obituary For the Beautiful


A long well lived life

The mosasaur lived a good 55 million year life starting 120 million years ago. They lived during the same time of the Dinosaurs, the Upper Cretaceous of the Mesozoic Era. Mosasuars were 5-10 meters in length!

An impressive ancestry

They Evolved from snake-like lizards, but they just lived in the sea and ocean. In the ocean they ate fish, sharks, birds, ammonities (shelled animals), and other mosasaurs.
The mosasaurs, had hinged jaws, like snakes, and backward pointing teeth to trap their prey.
Mosasaurs gave live birth in the water. This was found out recently, before it was thought that the mosasaurs went out of the water to lay their eggs. A skeleton was found with two unborn babies inside, proving that they gave live birth, and in water.

They had gorgeous flippers like whales, but they used them to steer, rather than move like a whale, they used their tails to move.

He will be dearly missed.

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