Flint Hills NSDA District

Newsletter #1

Welcome Back!

The new school year is underway, and we are just under a month away from the start of the season! The goal will be to send out a monthly update of any big issues surrounding the district, any information on upcoming qualifiers and to keep in touch with everyone throughout the year!

Your 2019-2020 District Committee is....

Dustin Rimmey, Topeka High School, District Chair

Matt Baer, Topeka West High School

Tim Ellis, Washburn Rural High School

Mallory Raugewitz, Shawnee Heights

Michelle Taylor, Silver Lake

District Status

Per an email from the NSDA, we will remain a level 2 district. Here is the relevant information from Amy's email to me in June:

Our records indicate that, as of June 11, 2019, the Kansas Flint-Hills District has the following in 18-19:

11 charter schools

12 total schools

236 new members, including coaches

657 new degrees this year

With these totals, the Kansas Flint-Hills District will be Level 2 for the 19-20 school year.

District Contact Information

Please double check to make sure this information is accurate, I'm just using last year's spreadsheet, so please forgive me for any errors.

Here is the link to the district calendar we established at the IE qualifier, and emailed out last April. Several of you have done an awesome job of getting your dates shared on here with the group so we can all begin planning accordingly. If there is an error, please email me and I'll make sure everyone gets the correct information!
Qualifier Hosting Interest Form

Please fill out this form so we can gauge interest on who wants to/can host any of our qualifiers and/or get feedback on dates.

Second Email Coming....

If you think we need to have an in-person meeting, please reach out and let me know, but I feel like we hashed out a lot of this at the IE qualifier. As soon as I get feedback from everyone on hosting a qualifier, I'll send out a survey to vote on where you'd like to go....

If you need anything, let me know!