12 Days of Stella & Dot

One Challenge a Day, One Prize a Day!

Day Two Winner

The Day Two Challenge was a tough one! I want to applaud all of you who made the effort and tried to book one more-- I heard from a number of you that you couldn't seal the deal in one day, but you got the ball rolling!!! Even had a booking for January as a result! That's what's so fun about these 12 days-- stretch yourself a little bit, get out of your comfort zone... try something new!! The winner for the DAY TWO Challenge is: WHITNEY DAVIDIUK! She wins a very stylish Tory Burch Lunch Box!



One of the top tips we share with new stylists is to wear our accessories when you're out and about every day! People love our jewelry and most days, you'll get several compliments on what you are wearing. This is a fantastic way to start a conversation about Stella & Dot and to make new connections!! Statement pieces are always attention getters, but I've had as many compliments on my Glint CZ flower necklace as I've had on my Estate Bib. Although, my current favorite for getting attention is the Olivia Bib! Whatever you wear, be stylish, have fun with it and share when people give you compliments! We've had stylists book shows while shopping at Target, sponsor new team members at hair salons... the list goes on and on!


Part I (One prize)

Take a photo and share your style for today! How will you wear Stella & Dot? What works for your life? Dressing for the office, school or a playdate? Think instagram type photo- quick, non-professional... anything to show us your style of the day! Post the photo on our Facebook Team Page http://www.facebook.com/groups/lacocodots/

That's all you have to do to enter to win the prize, but think about this.... where else could you share the style? Instagram? Facebook? Your blog? Why not share a fashion tip with your fans and link back to your website? Get creative-- don't just post your website with no reason- share with a purpose!

Part II (Another prize)

When you receive a compliment TODAY, have a conversation! If this happens to you today, send me an e-mail with the subject DAY THREE and tell me the story! If you can do this well, I promise you will start booking shows this way! Take a moment to really connect with the person who compliments you- just as you would a customer at a trunk show. We aren't the you-know-who ladies hunting down women in the mall... just sincere women who love to share our style! My e-mail: katy.b.barnes@gmail.com


What do you say when someone compliments your jewelry?

Always have your 30 second commercial ready, and be ready to open the door to booking, selling, and sponsoring. Be intentional in your answer.

Respond to a compliment on your jewelry:

Mary (Person in Line at Grocery Store): I really love your necklace!

Stephanie (Stylist): Thanks! You can have it, too! I sell this line – it’s Stella & Dot. Have you heard of us?

Mary: No, I haven’t, but it’s cute – Can I shop online?

Stephanie: You can! Here – I have a website… Let me give you this Mini Look Book with my contact info. I’m Stephanie, by the way. Nice to meet you!

Or try:

 Here— I’ll email you a link right now – type your email in my phone and I’ll send it so you have it to browse!  Enter your number and I’ll text it to you (hand them your phone).

Mary: Oh thanks… I’m Mary. Wow, that is cute.

Stephanie: Thank you! What’s amazing is how affordable our line is, too! And there’s really something there for every occasion and every one! You know, Mary, if you love tons of pieces, we should chat about having a Trunk Show!

Mary: What’s that?

Stephanie: It’s what I do as a Stella & Dot Stylist. It’s even more fun to shop with your friends. I can bring the jewelry over to your house and your friends can stop by and shop! Of course, I can always order this necklace for you now, too, if you just can’t wait! But it's a blast to browse with friends, and my Hostesses end up earning tons of jewelry free and shop at half off!

Mary: Fun – I’ll check out the jewelry. Thanks!

Stephanie: Great. Thanks! Talk to you soon. So fun meeting you Mary.

TIP: Contact later that day or the next day. Always be sure to carry best-sellers and Mini Look Books with you, as well as a cell phone or note pad to take down contact info!

If you are logged into your stylist lounge, the above link should take you to a fun video about Words to Say when you are Styling on the go!!

Katy Barnes, Director and Independent Stylist- LaCocoDots Team