The Civil War

by: Sydney Seig

Diary of Oliver Beackingham

The war began when the Confederates bombarded Union soldiers at Fort Sumter. I watched as they fought I had seen things that cannot be erased from one’s memory. I have never seen people filled with so much hate, fear, and anger. I wonder why people wanted to treat others so badly. Like are we as people willing to lose all ethics to make money. Why would someone treat people like animals just because they are different from us? Who was the person who thought that selling people for labor… giving them poor food and treatment… making them serve us because they are different…taking mothers from sons and fathers from their daughters. Now look at where this cruelty has gotten us… fighting our brothers … tearing this nation in two. Only one hundred years ago we created this nation brought this nation together… but now we are reversing all the hard work that has been put into this nation. Are we going to let our for fathers die for no reason… nothing except for a dream?

I cannot seem to wrap my head around the actions of the south… the actions the north took to take care of the problem in the south. It is driving me crazy god didn’t put us on this planet to kill each other, enslave each other, to sell our brothers and tear families apart! Don’t people see who much sins are in this country’s sole? Our for-fathers are who built this place based on the idea all men are created equal… Please someone make sense of this war…

"Debate" topic : what it the civil war accomplish?

(Person one ) The civil war was a time to fight out the differences that would further corrupt this nation. This war didn't just save my people but it saved the nation. If this war didn't happen we would probably not have achieved the dream of manifest destiny, a nation devoted to the rights of the people, and we would no longer be the USA we would only be part of another country.

( person two ) The civil war was tragic we lost over one fourth of our population. These problems could have been solved with war which put brother against brother and tore multiple families apart. Not even mentioning the poor qualities our soldiers had to endure! This is the reason why we had segregation and many more lives lost bc of this war. This war very easily could have been the end of this dream that our for fair here had before us of creating a nation devoted to the equality of its citizens.

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