Early Ojibwe - Haydn Harste


Harvesting Wild Rice

After the crops were harvested in the summer, the Ojibwe moved in the Fall, or in Ojibwe dagwaagin, the Ojibwe moved to ponds marshes and lakes where wild rice grew. The wild rice was one of the Ojibwes' favorite food. They harvested it in canoes. The person in the front bent the stalks and knocked the rice into the canoe. Then they dried it in the sun. Then It was roasted over a fire, and then men and children would lightly step on them and grind the husks off. Last, They would pour it into a basket and toss it into the air to blow away the outer skin.

Fun Fact


The Ojibwe once lived near Maine in South-Eastern Canada. There was a prophecy that they would move to a place where food grows on water, and that they would make seven stops along the way. The place they ended up was where we are, Minnesota.

Getting Ready for winter

When they weren't harvesting or preparing wild rice, they got ready for the winter. The children collected late-season berries like raspberries and dried them. Men hunted ducks and geese that flocked the wild rice marshes. Men and women caught fish and preserved them for winter.
Minnesota Historical Society

This is the source where I got my information.