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Monday, Dec. 21 - Enjoy your Winter Break!

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Winter Break

I hope you have a wonderful winter break! If you are all caught up, please take some time to enjoy your break and relax before we take the final exam. If you need to catch up, please utilize the next two weeks to catch up on your Latin work so that you finish strong! Everyone can still finish successfully! You just need to start working steadily if you are behind in order to catch up.

Winter Break ends on January 2nd and you should plan to start reviewing for and taking the exam on Monday, January 4th. The exam is open note, but you may not use the internet to search for answers outside of the Latin course, so have your course notes handy!

Live Class

There will be no Live Class during the break. If you are working and have questions, please text me or email me. I will not be online as much, but I will be checking in on you.

Jennifer Kunka, Instructor - Latin II Section 3 and 4