Nicholson - AP ECON

Aggregate Expenditures - Day 1


In order to fully understand the concepts in this Unit you will want to read the material given to you in class and skim Chapter 9,10, and 11 from your textbook. This Unit will be very difficult to "sit and get" and you will benefit greatly from a little bit of extra work!

Aggregate Expenditures - Consumption Schedule

Aggregate Expenditure - Consumption Sche


Complete the practice sheets titled:

Keynesian Equilibrium

Practice with APC,APS,MPC, and MPS

* Turn both in for a Daily Grade

Aggregate Expenditures - Investments Schedule and Investment Demand Curve

Aggregate Expenditures - Investments


Complete the practice sheets titled"

The Magic of the Multiplier

Investment Demand

* Turn in for a daily grade

Aggregate Expenditures - Complete Graph

Aggregate Expenditures - govt and int


Upon completing notes and practice sheets log into and attempt Aggregate Expenditures Part 1 quiz and Aggregate Expenditures Part 2 quiz.

* There will only be one grade in the grade book for Aggregate Expenditures. So the best score from the 4 attempts will be counted.