Borders and Power

for Germany


Germany is 137,847 square miles. Having land gives you power because you gain people, places to build, and natural resources, which, in turn, gives you more money. The population of Germany is 80,585,700. Population is important because this gives you a larger work force, which will boost the economy, getting you more money and, in turn, more power. Germany has a literacy rate of 99%, which means that the people are very well educated. And educated work force leads to increased productivity and a stronger military, which can get you more money and land, which give you power. Germany does not have a very strong military at the moment, which could mean that they could lose land to a country with a stronger military. At the southern border of the country, they have a mountain range called the Alps. Mountains make it harder to come across a border, so it helps secure that border. The German economy is doing very well, as they have the fifth best economy in the world, and the best in Europe. Having a good economy is important to make money, which is power.
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