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February 2023

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Spring into Action!

Dear NLMAS Families,

We hope you enjoyed a fabulous start to the new year with spring classes getting you one step closer to reaching your goals. We are seeing more students taking their steps to higher education and to new careers. So happy to be part of a team helping all our students reach their goals in a supportive and comfortable learning environment. We are looking forward to a wonderful spring semester and celebrating each and every one of our students' successes. Thank you all for choosing NLMAS as your school of choice. We look forward to serving you as you spring into action for success!

Mindy Chung

Director, Adult Education

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Important Dates Coming Up!

February 6-10 - National School Counseling Week!

February 13 - Lincoln's Birthday Holiday

February 15 & 16 - Student Council Meetings

February 20 - President's Day Holiday

February 22 - Norwalk Orientation Meeting 9:30 am

March 3 - All Staff ALICE Training Part II 1-2 pm

March 17 - End of Quarter 3

March 20 - Start of Quarter 4

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See flyers below!

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NLMAS Student Corner

Congratulations to the following students in their recent accomplishments!

A Peek At Our Classes in Action!

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NLMAS Staff Corner

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Meet Chelsea! Our Newest Assessment Center Testing Aide!!

My name is Chelsea Mills and I have been a part of the NLMAS family since February 2022!

I graduated from Barstow Community College in 2020 with my Associate's Degree in English. While being a full-time student at BCC, I assisted in the Teaching and Learning Support Center as a Learning Resource Specialist. This is where I found my passion: education.

As someone who comes from a background where school was lacking in my most critical years, I have made it my goal to assist others in their academic journey. Being a part of the NLMAS staff has helped me achieve that goal by helping our students in CTEC and, now, in the Assessment Center.

I am an avid reader so you will often see me with a book. Additionally, I like hiking, embroidery, and writing when I have the inspiration.

Come stop by the Testing Center (Room 301) and say hi!

All Teacher PD in January!

NLMAS teachers met January 9th for a half-day of professional development. Teachers had an opportunity to revisit the basics of an effective professional learning community (PLC) and the importance of rigor in the classroom. Teachers also had an opportunity to participate in fun hands-on SEL activities and a book study on Collective Efficacy by Jenni Donohoo.
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Mindful Movement

Shared by Dr. Hodo

Mindful movement allows us to check-in with our bodies and get moving for at least 15-30 minutes minimum. When we move our bodies, it helps us lower stress, let go of negative energy, and strengthen our mind-body connection. It’s a great way to practice self-care.

Mindful movement focuses our minds on the present moment to experience and appreciate the “here and now.” We become aware of what’s happening in the present moment during our movement and focus on our breath (inhale and exhale) or the way our body feels as it moves. When our mind wanders to stressful events from the past or the future, we bring our attention and thoughts back to the practice, to our breath, to our body movements.

It’s Time to Move!

There are 5 types of mindful movement that I enjoy practicing. They are as follows:

  1. Deep Breathing calms our body by purposefully elongating our breaths to calm our parasympathetic nervous system. We can also shorten our breaths for short periods of time to refresh and refocus. It really works!

  1. A Walking Meditation is a simple and effective way to explore mindful movement. During this practice, we walk slowly in the park, neighborhood, along a hiking path, in the parking lot or any selected place to intentionally bring our full awareness to the act of walking. A walking-meditation includes focusing on our breath as we breathe, or the feeling of the ground beneath our feet one step at a time.

  1. Stretching and Yoga help to release tension, stiffness, and heavy or sad emotions. When our bodies don’t move, they don’t feel good, and neither do our minds. Taking a moment to engage in gentle movements by stretching and practicing yoga help to boost our energy levels , focus, and resilience.

  1. Working Out is another opportunity to practice mindfulness. Getting exercise is a great way to tune into our bodies, synchronize our breath, and be in the present moment while building strength and nourishing our muscles.

  1. Free Spirited Dancing is a great way to release tension and let go of everything that’s causing stress in your heart, mind and body. Put on one of your favorite upbeat dancing songs and move your body any way that feels good to you without hesitation, and as if no one is watching you. Let go and dance!

The Big Question?

Which mindful movement practices will you commit to trying and practicing?

NLM Virtual Calming Room

This site is for students, families and staff in our Norwalk and La Mirada Communities to find tools to promote resilience and wellness. Try an activity once a day or more if you like. It will help you to feel calm and prepared for your daily tasks.

Blood Drive at Norwalk on May 3rd!

Click to Sign Up for the Blood Drive!

Sign up to give blood on May 3rd, 8 am to 2 pm.

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Norwalk-La Mirada Adult School

Norwalk-La Mirada Adult School equips adults to thrive in an ever changing economic and social environment.