Vape Affair's January Newsletter

Your Lungs, Gut and New Years Resolutions

Hey Friends!

Have you been keeping up with your new years resolutions?

It may be tough, but keep at it!

2016 is the year to stick to your gut!

That gut feeling knows more than you give it credit for!

And so do your lungs!

Do you feel any difference in lung air capacity after you quit smoking?

I do. After I quit 3 years ago and began vaping, my acute bronchitis literally VANISHED!

Send me an email and let me know!

Vape strong,


P.S. We got some new e-juices and hardware in and I wanted to let you guys know that our New Year Promotion is still going on, but not for much longer!

Enter Promo Code: NEWYEAR at check out to get 20% off your entire purchase!

That means you can get the Mini Volt Kit for 20% off!

And Remember! This deal is online only!

The New Year Promotion ends January 31st!

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