Greyhound News Bi-Weekly 3/11/22

Spring Activities Season Begins!

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COVID Restrictions Lifted!

Two years ago on March 17, 2020, we said farewell to in-person learning for the first time. It felt surreal and was incredibly difficult and stressful for all of us. I haven't thought back to that day in a long time, but I do still vividly remember how I felt when our students left and how I felt when I came back the next day to a silent building. We have learned and changed so much in the last two years. I am grateful for the ongoing support of our school community, the resilience of our students, and the tireless efforts of our school staff to keep students engaged, connected, and making progress. We have come so far!

This week is the first time since that spring that we have been in school without masks being required. Restrictions for most events and activities have also been lifted for now. We are so excited and hopeful that we won't have to bring restrictions back. More importantly, we are thankful that our students, staff, and families are healthy and that case numbers dropped low enough for these changes to take place.

What does this mean for our high school? It means a return to truly "normal" high school activities that many of our students have never been able to experience. Our winter spirit week, Red and Grey Week, was pushed into May in the hopes that restrictions would be lifted by then. We can now move forward with planning events, assemblies, dances, concerts, etc. as they used to be. We've adjusted some dates, created a few new events to make up for those we lost this year, and plan to reconnect in new ways along the way. Watch for more information to come; we have a lot of exciting things planned!


Softball, Track and Field, Baseball, Golf, Boys Tennis, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Dance Team, Cheerleading

Registration for the 22-23 School Year Ends March 23!

Registration will be open for High School students between March 2nd and March 23rd, 2022. We are preparing students and dispersing information in the following ways:

  • Counselors had grade level pre-registration meetings the week of Feb 28th during WIN. A makeup session was held on Friday for absent students.

    • - Did you miss it? Watch the video overview of what was covered in pre -registration grade level WINS. You can also view the Presentation with links

  • Counselors will visit English classrooms on March 10th and 11th to help register for classes. You are welcome to view the video and presentation shared. If your student is absent or does not have an East English class, you are welcome to view the presentation shared.

  • Makeup and Registration Help sessions will be held during WIN March 15-17 in Room 1025 - Former Restaurant by the nurse’s office .Students will sign up under Laura Horton on March 14th.

Important information will be provided during these meetings that should answer most questions. It also may be very helpful to ask your teachers about which class they think could be an appropriate fit for you as they have first-hand knowledge of how you perform in their subject area.

To be best prepared for registration we encourage you to look over the following information:

Students and families can always view their unofficial transcript and credits on their Campus portal under ‘Documents’ to view their past classes, credits, and grades.

Student high school course selections place great responsibilities on both families and students to plan wisely. Please carefully review course offerings and special programs and plan a course of study. Consider individual abilities, aptitudes, interests, academic strengths and limitations, future career goals, out of school involvement, District 709 graduation requirements, and the course offerings. Excellent resources for information and advice are students’ families, counselors and classroom teachers.

As a reminder, students have until March 23rd to complete their registration choices for the 2022 and 2023 school year. It is important that course selections for next year are made very carefully. We will tally all course selections and make critical decisions regarding staffing, room use and dollar allocation based on these selections. Once those decisions are made, it will be very difficult to change course selections.

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Spring Testing Calendar

Please note the following test dates that apply to some students. If your student is included, avoid scheduling appointments or trips during these times. Thank you!

  • Tuesday, March 29: ACT Test for some juniors
  • April 4-7: MCA Reading test for all 10th graders (administered in English classes)
  • April 11-14: MCA Math test for all 11th graders (administered in Social Studies classes)
  • May 2-5: MCA Science test for Biology students (mostly 10th grade, administered in Biology classes)
  • May 2-13: AP Exams for some students in current or completed AP courses

FINAL EXAMS (more info coming soon, these dates are mandatory!)

  • May 31-June 2: Final Exams for SENIORS
  • June 7-9: Final Exams for Grades 9-11

Sources of Strength Spirit Week: April 4-8

For the past couple of years, our Sources of Strength student group has hosted a "spirit" week in the spring. This group focuses on mental health, leaning on our own sources of strength, and connecting with adults when a student needs that level of support. We have 80 trained Peer Leaders at East supported by Adult Advisors. Learn more about Sources of Strength at and watch for information each fall as we recruit new Peer Leaders to the group.

Sources of Strength Week raises awareness of mental health issues our students may face, those sources we all have to rely on in times of stress and anxiety, and celebrates our entire school community in many ways. We'll share full information in an upcoming newsletter, but take some time now to learn about this incredible program!


Last fall our annual semi-formal dance for all grades had to be canceled. Harvest Ball is held off site at a location large enough to allow for East students to bring visitors from other schools. This results in over 1000 students at one event!

We aren't able to reserve a site that large right now, but our student leaders really wanted to re-create this experience for our students who missed out. They have scheduled a "Spring Fling" dance to be held here at East on Friday, April 8, from 8-10:30 P.M. We'll send more information soon, but here are some basic things to remember:

1. Because this is going to be held at East, we will will not be able to include visitors. Only current East students in good standing will be admitted. Don't purchase a ticket if you aren't sure this applies to you. Check in with a principal first if you have questions.

2. This is a SEMI FORMAL, not a formal. Dress your best out of your closet. There is no need to go buy something new, get hair and nails done, rent a suit, etc. This is open to ALL East students, and all we ask is that you dress appropriately for this special event. Student leaders will send additional guidelines later.

3. Tickets will be available for online sales and cash sales. Remember, even if a ticket has been purchased, we will not allow any students not currently enrolled as an East student to attend.

4. Students who are removed from a dance will not be allowed to attend another one for 6 months. (This includes prom!)


Prom will be held on Saturday, May 7th from 8-11 P.M. at the DECC Harborside Ballroom. The Prom Committee will release the theme, ticket sale information, and grand march information soon. For now, please remember the following about East's prom:

  • East High School Prom tickets may only be purchased by current East 11th and 12th graders.
  • Our juniors and seniors may bring a guest with them IF:
  1. The Visitor Form is fully completed with all necessary signatures. You can get working on this now if you choose.
  2. The visitor is currently in 10th grade (no 9th graders are allowed at prom) at East or another school. We do allow visitors up to age 20 but will still need for them to be verified by a school administrator. If they were an East student, we can do it or their current college or the high school they graduated from can fill that section out.
  3. The form is IN THE OFFICE and completed by 4 P.M. on Monday, May 2.
  4. We do not make exceptions. The form must be done with all conditions met and turned in on time. Purchase tickets at your own risk if you haven't completed and submitted the visitor form yet.

General Dance Rules and Expectations

It's been awhile, so we are reminding everyone of our dance rules and expectations that we reviewed at the beginning of the year.

  • Students are not allowed to leave the dance and return later.
  • Students will respect and be courteous to all staff and fellow students.
  • Students cannot be under the influence of chemicals and/or alcohol. Any student suspected of being under the influence will be denied entrance or removed from the dance. Dances are chemical and tobacco free. Any student in possession of alcohol, tobacco, or other chemicals will be escorted out of the dance and may be referred to the Officer on Duty.
  • Law enforcement is present at dances and students suspected or found to be in violation will be referred to law enforcement immediately.
  • Dancing must be school appropriate.
  • All school policies and rules apply during dances.

Please stay home if you're sick!

Students and ISD 709 staff who have COVID symptoms can receive a Rapid Testing kit from our office. Please do not send students with symptoms into the building. Call the office to arrange for a pick up.


Gerri Settergren, Heath Office Aide ext 2114,

Susan Sederberg, School Nurse ext 2429,

Student COVID Reporting Form

Please use this link to report any positive COVID cases. Duluth Saliva Test Site: DECC Mon-Thurs: 11 A.M. - 6 P.M. Schedule an appt: *Students experiencing symptoms may request a rapid test from the health office.

Saturday School and Prescription for Success Reminder

Saturday School and Prescription for Success are an opportunity for students to make up time from unexcused absences/unexcused tardies, to complete unfinished school work, projects or tests/quizzes, and to receive tutoring from an East National Honor Society Student. The Prescription for Success is a voluntary agreement between teacher and student that allows for work to be made up during Saturday School. Quality work completed during that time will be given at least 60% credit. Students can be assigned a specific tutor to assist while at Saturday School. Students should see their classroom teacher if they would like to take part in Prescription for Success or would like a tutor for Saturday School.

Remaining Saturday School Dates for 21-22 School Year:

  • March 26, 2022
  • April 9, 2022
  • May 7, 2022
  • May 21, 2022

Attendance Issue Contacts:

Main East High School Number (218)336-8845

Kyle Rock: Assistant Principal Ext. 2348,

Jon Flaa: Assistant Principal Ext. 2325,

Counseling Office Notes

Click for resources both at East and in our local community for supporting student and family mental health.

Counseling Office Contacts:


Jenn LaBelle, Registrar: ext 2143,

Jamie Savre, Counselor (A-E): ext 2154,

Jessica Forsman, Counselor (F-La): ext 2041,

Morgan Costley, Counselor (Le-Re), ext 1262,

Laura Horton, Counselor (Rh-Z,) ext 1121,

Kerri Persons, Counselor (9th Grade), ext 1345,

Career Center and Counseling Department Newsletter


Activities Office News

East Events Calendar

This is the summary document of all major events at EHS. For full details and team schedules, visit the link at the end of the newsletter. *ALL DATES AND EVENTS ARE TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE due to COVID, weather, etc.

ISD 709 Duluth Public Schools Canvas LogIn

This is the link for all students, staff, and families of Duluth Public Schools.

Notes and Resources from Outside Agencies (Not ISD 709)

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North Shore Bank's "Lights, Camera, Save!" Context

North Shore Bank is hosting a video contest called Lights, Camera, Save!. The contest, organized by the American Bankers Association Foundation, is a national competition that encourages teens to use video to communicate the value of sound money management and set their peers on a sound financial path.

To participate, students (ages 13-18) must create a video, 30-seconds or less, on using money wisely and submit it to the bank by March 31. The contest is open to filmmakers of all experience levels.

Our Bank will host the first round of judging and select a winner to compete on the national level for one of three cash prizes, including $5,000 for first place, $3,000 for second place and $1,000 for third place. Videos will be judged on their quality, message, content and the criteria set forth by the contest's official rules.

Please visit for more information.

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ANGP Registration/Agreement Form

This form and payment can be turned in to the ANGP box located in the high school office at any time. We will have paper copies available.

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Duluth East High School

Principal: Danette Seboe

Assistant Principals: Jon Flaa, Kyle Rock

Activities Director: Shawn Roed