1st Degree Mouse-Slaughter

The REAL Story of the 3 Blind Mice

Shivering, and opening his eyes, Cholera attempted to wake up from the nightmare he found himself in. Just 4 short months ago, Cholera and his two best friends, Jan and Pipp were brutally assaulted by a cold-hearted killer, the farmer’s wife. The 3 had just barely escaped their certain deaths, but only Jan and Cholera had survived the stab wounds inflicted upon them. Pipp had lost too much blood, and sustained permanent brain damage. Cholera and Jan had made one of the hardest decisions in their lives and taken Pipp off of life support. They reasoned he wouldn’t want to live a longer life at the without a brain. Once the 2 remaining mice had reported the crime to the police, the viscous farmer’s wife had been arrested, arraigned and incarcerated until her husband paid bail that allowed her to be released. The evidence against the farmer’s wife was overwhelming; she was indicted and prosecuted for a felony crime and a criminal case was approved against her by the Grand Jury. The days leading up to the trial pervaded Cholera with a sense of dread. When the subpoena finally arrived in the mail, he knew it was time. Just before the trial started, Jan and Cholera requested a Public Defender to aid them in their case. The day of the trial officially arrived and all parties involved in the case reported to the courthouse. “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” Nervously, Cholera faced the judge and he, along with Jan, the witnesses and the farmer’s wife, took the solemn oath. The trial began smoothly, and the defendant and the plaintiff each made their case to the petit jury, however the farmer’s wife kept repeatedly asking for plea deals on the stand, and when this didn’t work she began fabricating lies and committing perjury. The judge had had enough of her ridiculous behavior and ordered her off the stand. The verdict was promptly given and the farmer’s wife was convicted of 1st degree mouse-slaughter, and battery. She was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. The farmer and his wife attempted to petition for an appeal at the appellate court, but due to the severity of her crime and the propriety of the trial, her case was denied further examination.

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