GHSA Board Meeting

February 10, 2016


Welcome-Dorothy Garrity

Introductions-Dorothy Garrity

Meeting Dates-Set future dates

Academy Status and updates-Patrice Williams

Total number of students-229





This past year we had a awaiting list of students!

2017 -First official class of GHSA with Governor's seal

December 15th Middle School College and Career Readiness Night

February 4th-8th grade Parent/Student night

March 30th-Academy orientation

Summer Program-Tracy Cornell

8th grade summer program with field trips

HOSA Activities, Conference, CNA program, blood drives, Student health screenings Kathleen May

School/Site visits

HOSA conference in March

CNA Program

Student blood drives

Student health screenings

Whitney Ketchledge-Director for Career Technical Education

Combined application process

Ford NGL partnership

Peninsula Business Expo

Where are we headed?-Dorothy Garrity

Expanding knowledge and visibility of the Governor's Health Sciences Academy

Fourth class of Biotech in place next year

Continue partnerships and promotional donations

Website and HCS updated and coordinated