Earth day

By: Nikolas Staso

Reuse, recycle and reduce

There are many ways to help the earth stay clean and recycle things. I want to achieve this by if i`m am outside with friends and i see a lot of trash i can say to them lets go get some trash bags and clean up are area so it does not hurt the in environment and make it look bad. Anther way i can help is when we have something that can be recycle and we dont put it in the trash we put it into the recycle bin so it can be reuse and were not wasting it. Finally a way to reduce is by using your own water bottle instead of use plastic ones all the time and wasting them.

Earth Day History

Earth day was invented in April 22, 1970 it has been around for 46 years. Sen. Gaylord Nelson was so passionate about protecting the earth from trash. The most thing he hated was that people just kept throwing trash all over the place. Many companies stop using a lot of paper and wasting it. Ever since earth day was made people stop wasting a lot of renewable things.