Operations with Fractions


Adding and subtracting


Step 1:You would hafto first find the commend denominator so yoy can just multiply across only for the bitten numbers.

Step 2: What ever number it tacks to get to the denominator you multiply the top so basically your multiplying a whole.

Step 3:you multiply and when you get your answer your not done you hafto simply until you can't the your done.

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Multiplying Fractions

Step 1:You hafto line them up side to side.

Step 2:You hafto multiply across multiply across.

Step 3:Your not done yet because you hafto simply until you cant.

Step 4:Then you check then your done.

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Dividing Fractions

Step 1:Line up the numbers side to Sid.

Step 2:Keep Change and Flip.

Step 3:Then multiply across.

Step 4:Simply then check then your good.

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