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GCA Crusader News • Friday, Janaury 8, 2021

What 's the Focus?

As the clock approached midnight on December 31, we all breathed a collective sign of relief. The difficulties of 2020 behind us, we looked forward to the perfection that would be 2021...

...but this week hasn't felt a lot different to me. So far, 2021 has contained quite a bit of stress, worry, and bewilderment.

This week, my Bible study group was texting each other about the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 and we were discussing how Jesus was saying that people who felt what we generally consider to be negative feelings would be blessed:

  • The poor in spirit
  • The mournful
  • The hungry and thirsty
  • The persecuted
  • The hated

By proclaiming that these negatively-affected people were the ones who are blessed, Jesus was clearly making a bigger point. He was contrasting natural human ambition (hunger for food, desire for strength and happiness) that leads to physical power with the traits that lead to spiritual success (hunger for righteousness, meekness, mourning over our current state).

Sure, if we focus on the physical feelings of 2021, it's not that great so far, but that's not where our focus should be. I am determined to follow the example of Christ and focus on the blessings that God intends to bring through the difficulties.

One such blessing is you. The support and encouragement of our GCA family has been a huge help to me already this year. Your positive and determined attitudes have helped strengthen me and keep my perspective right. Thank you!

Let's be determined to be great in 2021...even if 2021 isn't great.

S. Jeff Postlewaite

Head of School

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