Dangerous Minds

Louanne Johnson


Dangerous Minds is about a teacher who sees potential in her students. Where everyone in the school even the other teachers think that they won't graduate. "When others gave up on them she broke the rules to give them the best things a teacher can give - hope and believe in themselves".

Author's Purpose

To persuade: Students that they are not dumb and they can do the work in school if they try. They will graduate if they try in school and turn in their work. Don't listen to what people say everyone is different in their own ways it may take longer for you to learn something than your classmates.

To inform: Students that not all teachers are evil and what they do is to help you. The work that teacher give students will help them in the future. Teachers inform students that if they give up they will never go far in life.

Three concepts

  • If you need help ask for it
  • You don't have to go to school if you don't want but you choose to go
  • If you aren't doing anything at school and failing all of your classes go find a job and stop wasting your time.

Greatest impression

"Nobody has even sent my parents a good note about me before, you know". Chapter 5 made the greatest impression on me because Miss. Johnson did a nice thing for her students. She wrote a letter home to their parents telling them that they are kind, nice, bright and charming student. Miss. Johnson is doing this to make her students feel cared about and have encourage in themselves that they can do anything.

Book Rating

I would rate this book a 3 because it is a good book but not the kind of book I would read. The book gave me a lot of information. I think that people who hate school for whatever reason would like to read this book.

Passage #1

(pg 117) I choose this passage because teachers have to understand that if your student doesn't want help there is nothing you can do to help them. When some teachers can't help out a student they feel as if they just helped the student fail by not doing anything.

Passage #2

(pg 96) I choose this second passage because teachers should be easy on their students but not to easy. "Some students need to be disciplined". This passage is written by a student in his journal on what he thinks of his teacher. This passage shows that teachers who do activities with their students manage to have their students be more engaged.

Something Surprising

What surprised me in the book was that the teacher Miss. Johnson was willing to risk her job to help out her students. It was surprising because most teachers help out their students but unlike her she did things that other teachers didn't do. Miss. Johnson gave all of her students passing grades, gave them money, didn't turn them in when they got into a fight and she even bribed them with things so that they will participate in the class discussion