Smart Smurf News

October 16th 2012

Hey Everyone,

We would like to welcome, Ms. Cartner, a Winthrop student and that will be with us throughout this school year. We would like to also welcome Anthony to our class.

This week we have had several vistors in our classroom. Teachers from various Rock Hill schools have been observing our Reader's and Writer's Workshop. I have posted several powerpoints on Edmodo that students can access as they work on their Westward Movement study guide. We will go over the study guide later this week. This Thursday is the Fall Festival. We only have 2 board games for our basket so far. If you are able to contribute to our basket please send it in before Thursday.

Homework Assignments

Novel- should be read by Nov. 15th (Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry)

Vocabulary Work due on Friday

Problem of the Week due on Tuesday- the one that I gave out today is not due until Oct. 30th.

Unit Test for Social Studies Oct. 25th focus on Westward Movement

Quiz for Science focus on limiting factors and pollution- Oct 24th

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